This Self-Refilling Kit Kat Bowl Is Pretty Spooky

If your main qualm with Kit Kats is that they go away as you consume them, then all of your problems may have just solved themselves. But how? WITCHCRAFT!!!!!! Sort of.

This Halloween, the Hershey Company is unveiling (in Salem, Massachusetts, of course) the first ever self-refilling Kit Kat bowl called the Never-Ending Kit Kat Trick-or-Treat Bowl, and, let me tell you, I’ve seen this thing in action and I think…Hershey just might be a witch. Seriously though. I bet if you put a Kit Kat in water it would float (at least for a little while) and that’s evidence enough for me. 

How does a self-refilling Kit Kat bowl even work? Engineering? Witchcraft? A tiny Halloween elf named Froggers who lives in the bottom of the bowl and is just constantly raisin’ the roof?

The answer is sort of unclear. According to AdWeek, “[Kit Kat] declined to reveal how the device works, but a mechanism covered in black fabric appears to push the candy into the bowl.” I’m sure there’s a very logical explanation for how it all works (probably just that Hershey is a witch, but you didn’t hear that from me, I’d rather not be visited by their ~specter~ or turned into a newt). All we really know is that the effect is quite stunning. Once anyone takes some candy from the bowl, the pile of Kit Kats grows like that one part of the seventh Harry Potter book where the trophies in Gringotts just keep multiplying but like in an appetizing, non-threatening, un-horcrux-related way.

How can I experience this self-refilling Kit Kat Bowl firsthand?

Well as of right now, it seems you have to be in Salem to see it. However, it also seems that if you think your hometown has some “Halloween charm” you can tag @KITKAT_US on Instagram and use the hashtag #KitKatBowl and the mysterious never-empty Kit Kat bowl miiiight just show up near you sometime this spoooooOOky season.

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