5 ShopRite Brand Products You Should Be Buying

ShopRite’s Bowl & Basket and Wholesome Pantry products might be regional, but they encompass an array of creative, quality, affordable products that make ShopRite consumers like myself proud. 

Bowl & Basket is the general brand and Wholesome Pantry offers the organic options, and between the two of them, it’s easy to find anything you might need or want, from meat to salad kits to pantry staples to frozen foods. Not only does the quality hold up while the price stays low, but they also offer creative flavors and interesting variations on foods we know and love. 

Whether you want classic or crazy, here are five ShopRite brand items you should pick up. 

Bowl & Basket Neapolitan Low Fat Ice Cream Sandwiches

These tri-flavored ice cream sandwiches are sweet, chilly, and perfect if you can’t choose between chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry. They’re also listed as having 140 calories but are functionally 93.33 calories because let’s be real, you’re gonna chuck the strawberry.

Wholesome Pantry Chipotle Veggie Burgers

Faux meat burgers may be sweeping the nation, but here’s the thing: Veggie burgers actually taste really good. Though there’s nothing wrong with the classic brown rice, black bean, and corn patty, a little chipotle never hurt anybody (unless you rub it in your eyes, but that’s on you). This spicy vegetarian burger from ShopeRite’s Wholesome Pantry brand may become a new backyard BBQ staple, but it is just as tasty reheated in the comfort of your own home and air conditioning.

Bowl & Basket Korean Inspired Cauliflower Bowl

We want Korean BBQ every day. But it’s just not possible. We love the taste but between the cost of going out, the meat sweats, and the crushing shame we feel when we burn every second item on the grill despite our claims that we know how to cook, it takes a toll. So, we seek out ShopRite’s hack that allows us to enjoy Korean flavors in the comfort of our own homes. Their Bowl & Basket Korean Inspired Cauliflower Bowl substitutes traditional rice with cauliflower rice, and includes chicken breast, spinach, sweet potatoes, peas, corn, and onion flavored with gochujang. Is it going to win any authenticity awards? No, but if authenticity was the only thing that sold then how do you explain the success of the Bachelor franchise?

Bowl & Basket Vegan Plant-Based Meatless Cheesesteak Dumplings

It’s vegan meets Americana meets Chinese meets finger food meets Harry meets Sally. Maybe you get them for the novelty. Maybe you get them for the flavor. Maybe you get these Bowl & Basket brand dumplings because you were just really overwhelmed and threw them into your cart out of sheer confusion. Either way, they’re worth a buy.

Bowl & Basket Jalapeño Everything Bagel Seasoning

Can’t decide between a jalapeño bagel and an everything bagel? Skip the bagels altogether and just buy this seasoning mix. This Bowl & Basket brand seasoning mix is savory, salty, and spicy all at the same time. It will jazz up anything from scrambled eggs to avocado toast to a bad first date. I recommend throwing it like confetti if there’s a lull in conversation. Results may vary.

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