S’moreos Have Returned, Here’s Our Review

I can’t say which came first: the idea to make a s’mores Oreo or the extremely pleasing portmanteau name of S’moreos. Either way, this new Oreo flavor is out and on shelves, just in time for people to decide to stay home and open a pack because actually going camping is way too much effort. 

Now, these aren’t totally new, conceptually speaking. Way back in the before times of 2015, Nabisco released S’mores Oreos. The limited edition Oreos were also available in 2019 and 2021. So, what’s the difference between S’mores Oreos and S’moreos? It seems to be mostly all in the name. Yes, it took them that many years to figure out S’moreo (or secure the rights). Otherwise, the cookies seem to be identical. S’moreos are made with graham cracker-flavored cookies in place of the usual chocolate cookies, and layers of chocolate and marshmallow creme. Seems like a dang home run. But do S’moreos deserve a spot in the permanent lineup? I grabbed a pack to find out. 

s'moreos: s'more oreos

New Oreo Flavor!


I’ll start with a pro tip: Put your s’mores Oreos in the freezer. I know, it’s essentially the opposite of what you would do with a real s’more, but it’s so good that way. That really goes for any Oreo, though. So let’s dissect the S’moreos. I tasted each component separately to evaluate the flavors (a very normal way to eat an Oreo). The graham cracker cookie is crunchy and mildly graham cracker flavored. You’d never mistake it for a real graham cracker, but it has that sweet, grainy flavor. The chocolate creme tastes a little bit like chocolate, but it is quite a mild flavor. And the marshmallow creme tastes like not much at all. I’m pretty sure it’s just a thin layer of regular Oreo creme. Each component is fairly underwhelming, and yet, when eaten together, this is a great Oreo cookie. It doesn’t transport me to a campfire. It doesn’t really taste like a s’more at all. But a graham cracker Oreo cookie is a great addition to the lineup and I do recommend you buy S’moreos before they go away (again).

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