The Winner of the Sporked Regional Snack-It Bracket Is…

The winner of the Sporked Snack-It Bracket has been decided! But before the big reveal, let’s recap how we got here. We asked our social followers to nominate the  best regional snacks in their respective areas (oh, by the way, are you following us on Twitter and Instagram? You should be, we’re delightful). Then, we narrowed it down to one snack representative per region via polls. Finally, we created a bracket and let the audience vote to decide the winners of each round. It was a tough fight, but one snack brand won the title: 

Zapp’s took the title with 56.1% of votes. Congratulations, Zapp’s! You are the best regional snack brand in America. 

But does the Sporked staff agree? While our audience was voting for their picks, we were tasting through our own bracket. Here’s how that netted out: 

Yep! We agree with the fans! Zapp’s really is the best.

A few highlights from our in-office taste-off: Cactus Candy, which you, the audience, voted out in the first round, made it through to our final four. If you haven’t tried this delightful jelly confection yet, we can’t recommend it enough. It’s so outside the box, so unexpected—you really must pick up a box if you’re driving through the Southwest. We’d also like to give an honorable mention to Guy’s Snacks, whose French Fry Seasoning chips are simply da bomb. But nothing could touch Zapp’s. We love the Voodoo chips, obviously, but even the Cajun Dill flavor couldn’t be beat. Congratulations, Zapp’s. As your reward, please give us the gift of more chips for us to enjoy. 

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  • Noooooooooo! I really thought Herr’s was going to make it all the way.

    • Herr’s is a great brand too. There’s no shame in losing to Zapp’s.