Sporked’s Regional Snack-It Bracket: Finals

And then there were two. Two chip brands battling for snack domination and the glory of being named the Best Regional Snack in the whole dang U.S. of A. Will it be the Zapp’s, representing the Southeast Region, or Herr’s, representing the Northeast? That’s up to you! 

Vote in the final round of Sporked’s first-ever Snack-It Bracket now, then come back to the site next week when we announce the winner as chosen by you, as well as the Sporked team’s pick based on our in-office taste test of every snack brand that was in the running. 

The final round voting is open NOW through Sunday, April 2. May the best snack win!

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  • Zapp’s purely for the Voodoo chips, one of the best chip flavors available on the market right now.

  • Zapped because it has better taste

  • Do I say I’m voting for Zapp’s here?

    • Same Here!