Sporked’s Regional Snack-It Bracket: Final Four

Well, folks, we’re one week closer to finding out which regional snack is the best regional snack in America. That’s right, the Sporked Snack-It Bracket is down to the Final Four—and that’s where you come in.

See, this isn’t like your basketball bracket, where you simply sit back and watch your dreams of March Madness glory go up in flames after the team you had going all the way blows it in the first round (damn you, Arizona). If your hometown snack didn’t make it through round one, pick another pony, baby! You’re still in this thing! 

Vote in round two now, then come back to the site next week to find out which two snacks are going head to head in the finals. In the end, we’ll have the winner as decided by you—and we’ll also have a winner as decided by the Sporked staff. We sourced all of these snacks and will be tasting them head-to-head. (Be sure to follow us on Instagram and TikTok to see how those competitions shake out.)

Round two voting is open NOW through Sunday, March 26. May the best snack win!

UPDATE: Here are the results of the Final Four. Vote for your pick in the Finals!

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