We Tasted the New Snickerdoodle Oreos

Nabisco just released new Snickerdoodle Oreos, so naturally we here at Sporked had to get our grubby hands all over them. It bears repeating that Oreo has a high batting average when it comes to rolling out new flavors, but were they able to distill that holiday-inspired cinnamon-and-sugar Snickerdoodle taste into their classic sandwich cookie?

I’m not a big Oreo guy. And I think that all of the contemporary, wonderfully inventive flavors of Oreos have surpassed the classic: Mint, Carrot Cake, and Double Stuf all improved upon the original in various ways. But don’t just take it from me: Check out the Oreo rankings as written by staff writer Jordan Myrick. Their list doesn’t even feature classic Oreos in the top ten. Damn, that’s cold blooded J-Train (Jordan just told us that their nickname in high school was J-Train). But, I’ll add another opinion that’s probably not popular: I hate the chocolate Oreo cookies.

Any Oreo that features a chocolate cookie just doesn’t do it for me. However, the Oreos that feature vanilla-based cookies (Carrot Cake, Lemon, Golden, and Neapolitan) resonate much more. Why? For me, there’s something about the clean vanilla taste that works in unison with the creamy filling, while chocolate works against it. This simple vanilla cream flavor also works as a great canvas for experimentation. Enter the Snickerdoodle Oreo. A snickerdoodle is the epitome of classic, well-executed simplicity. It’s a sugar cookie with cinnamon, so in theory, this Oreo should taste spiced, sugary, creamy, and slightly tart (snickerdoodles get their tartness from cream of tartar). How did the Snickerdoodle Oreo stack up?

snickerdoodle oreos

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Snickerdoodle Oreo

No surprise: These rule. I ate four of these in what seemed like the blink of an eye, and managing editor Gwynedd Stuart just told me, “I’m actually in love with them,” after one bite. The taste is understated, but it works so, so well. The cinnamon isn’t too strong or overpowering, but it’s there, and the sugar crystals in the creme center are slightly crunchy just like a snickerdoodle. They’ve also got this subtle tart flavor, too, almost like a carrot cake. The Snickerdoodle Oreo is so damn good! I haven’t had a glass of milk in like 20 years but this is the type of cookie that begs for it. It’s the perfect Oreo if you want to get into the holiday spirit on the double.

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  • first of all glad i could tell it was Danny just by the writing didn’t even have to read the author, But i agree the chocolate cookie falls short its just so much, i find that in the Oreo thins though that the chocolate cookie is much better and defiantly worth a try.

  • My husband and kids described these as like a cinnamon spiced oatmeal cream pie snack cake

  • they seem like a reincarnation of the cinnamon bun oreo, and I’m not complaining. I had been pining for those since the (only) time i had them in 2017. And while they are available in Canada, $10+ for a pack of oreos was too much. Maybe the love for these will convince Oreo to permanently bring back cinnamon bun oreos in the states