Forget Gin and Juice—Snoop Dogg Has a Coffee Brand Now

Last week, California received a gift. The gift in question? Snoop Dogg launched a coffee brand called INDOxyz, otherwise known as Snoop’s Indo Coffee (because the coffee is sourced from Indonesia). Snoop’s coffee, sold in both canned cold brew and bean form at select BevMo! stores throughout the Golden State, is all single-origin coffee from Sumatra Gayo. He really did the thing right, and I bet his best bud Martha Stewart is proud. All that being said, I still have so many questions. But the biggest one…

So Snoop Dogg dropped a single-origin coffee (like it’s hot), but does it actually taste good?

Survey says…yeah, actually it does! Customers who’ve left reviews on the brand’s site can’t really find a fault with this dark roast coffee or its organic cold brew counterpart. The beans really seem to just be good, solid Indonesian coffee, which, according to the company, is supposed to “harmonize the decadence of dark chocolate with elated herbal notes, creating a tantalizing coffee,” while the cold brew is supposed to leave a “glowing and rich chocolate taste” in your mouth. This all leaves yet another question, how did the Snoop Dogg get involved in the coffee business? Apparently, this all started when Snoop visited Indonesia, where he was introduced to local coffee via five generation Indo native and coffee expert, Michael Riady, and immediately fell in love with the coffee he tried there.

Honestly, I love this for him. And if you aren’t located near one of the California BevMo! store where the coffee is being sold, don’t you worry, you can also get it on the INDOxyz website for $5.99 for a can of cold brew or $17.99 for a big ol’ bag o’ coffee beans. Hey, I’m not always a coffee drinker but I may just have to try this stuff. It could turn out to be, as Snoop would say, “the shiznit” (by which I mean good. It could turn out to be really good). I mean he did say “Indo is going to change coffee. Promise you that.” So, I feel like we should trust Snoop on this one.

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