An Honest Review of M&M’s New Pretzel Snowballs

I have fond childhood memories of going to Blockbuster, where picking out a movie-night snack was just as fun as picking out a movie to watch. At the time, it was the only place I’d regularly see Flipz chocolate covered pretzels, and, as a white chocolate devotee, I quickly became hooked on their White Fudge variety.

Even if you don’t like white chocolate as much as you like dark or milk chocolate (I get it, I get it), you have to admit it works great with pretzels. The creamy sweetness perfectly complements salt and crunch. As a longtime Flipz fan, I was more than a little excited when M&M’s released their seasonal Pretzel Snowballs, a white chocolate version of the Pretzel M&M’s you know and love. But can they recreate that Flipz magic? We tasted them to find out.

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M&M’s White Chocolate Pretzel Snowballs

Beating Flipz at its own game is no small feat, but M&M’s is up to the challenge. They didn’t skimp on anything here: there’s an ample layer of creamy white chocolate, a big honkin’ pretzel nugget, and the wintery colors are cute, too. The crunch is outrageous. Our producer-editor Madi Price thought I broke a tooth when I bit into one.

Considering these have a candy shell, which adds sweetness, another layer of crunch, and makes them easy to eat by the fistful, I think you could argue these actual outdo Flipz! The only thing I would ask for is a smidge more salt…just a skosh. Apart from that, they are perfect.




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