Did You Know You Can Make Custom Mixes of Sour Patch Kids?

Sour Patch Kids fans, rejoice! Did you know you can customize your own personal bag of Sour Patch Kids? Thanks to the “custom mix” feature on the Sour Patch Kids website, you can make your own bag that allows your dream flavor combinations to come to life.

The customizable bags come in four sizes: individual single serving packs, 1 lb tins, 2 lb bags, or 5 lb (!!!) bags. Imagine how excited your sour candy-loving friend would be if you gifted them a 5 lb bag of Sour Patch Kids. Obviously, you could just make them a bag of their favorite flavors (orange, blue raspberry, and grape, if your friend is me), but there are other fun ways to utilize the make-your-own feature as well. Here are just a few ideas for DIY bags of Sour Patch Kids that you should be making for your friends, family, coworkers, and, most importantly, yourself.

College Congratulations

Sending your kid off to Clemson this fall? Make a bag of orange and white pineapple to match the school colors. Or mix orange, white pineapple, and blue raspberry together for your friend who’s headed to the University of Florida for grad school. The Portland State University mix would be lime and white pineapple. The collegiate pride possibilities are endless!

Vacation Inspired

Lime, white pineapple, and orange sour patch kids would make a killer citrus combination. Tossing a handful of these in your mouth would taste like sipping a fruity cocktail on the beach. Maybe you caught covid and had to miss your annual trip to the Bahamas. Or maybe you’re skipping out on travel this year to save money. Sure, tropical candy isn’t the same as going to a luxury coastal resort—but it’s a lot cheaper, and easier to coordinate! 

Pride Packs

Combine pink strawberry, blue raspberry, and white pineapple for a mix that matches the Trans Pride Flag colors. Grape, blue raspberry, and pink strawberry would make the perfect candy combo for bisexuals. Pink strawberry, redberry, white pineapple, and orange match the Lesbian Pride Flag. These would be perfect to serve at a Pride celebration or would make such cute LGBTQ+ wedding or coming out gifts.

Movie Night

Honor the classic ICEE flavors during your movie night with a pack of redberry and blue raspberry Sour Patch Kids. Pair these with some popcorn, Buncha Crunch, and an Insidious movie marathon (or whatever your jam is). I think these would be 100% ICEE Bear-approved. Yes, that’s his name.

Holiday Hoorah

Grape and lime make a spooky duo that I would love to put in a candy bowl during the month of October. A bag of lime, redberry, and white pineapple is perfect as a Christmas stocking stuffer. Blue raspberry and white would make a great gift for any night of Hanukkah. Redberry, white pineapple, and blue raspberry are the ideal Fourth of July treat. You get it!

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