April Fools! We Got You!

Zoink! You got Sporked! Did you really think Trader Joe’s would make flavored toilet paper? Or that Keebler would kill off an elf? Or that we would taste a bunch of cat food? Okay, that last one is not totally out of the realm of possibility. But we’re saving that one in our back pocket for when we’re really desperate for attention.

As long as you’re here, though, why not check out some of our top rankings of the year so far: 

Best Frozen Fish Fillets

We tasted nine different frozen fish fillets in order to find out which ones are worth your hard earned money and freezer space.

Best Pasta Sauce

best pasta sauce
Credit: Liv Averett / Amazon / Costco / Walmart

You don’t have to go to a fancy Italian trattoria to enjoy a delicious pasta dinner. You just have to go to the grocery store.

All the Dr Pepper Flavors, Ranked

best dr pepper flavors

We tried every Dr Pepper flavor currently on the market and ranked them from worst to best.

Best Canned Corned Beef Hash

best corned beef hash
Credit: Merc / Walmart / Ralphs

Bookmark this list of the best corned beef hash for the end times!

Best Frozen Wings

Credit: Liv Averett / Instacart / Target / Walmart

We found eight of the best frozen chicken wings, including the best frozen Buffalo wings and the best frozen hot wings.

Best Lemon-Lime Soda

best lemon lime sodas
Credit: Merc / Walmart / Vons

Do you agree with this controversial ranking?

Best Tea

best tea
Credit: Liv Averett / Instacart / Target / Walmart / World Market

The best teas, from high octane to super soothing.

Best Caesar Dressing

Best Caesar Dressing
Credit: Ryan Martin

We ate caesar salad dressing right off the spoon to find the best tasting caesar dressings out there.

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Justine Sterling is the editor-in-chief of Sporked. She has been writing about food and beverages for well over a decade and is an avid at-home cook and snacker. Don’t worry, she’s not a food snob. Sure, she loves a fresh-shucked oyster. But she also will leap at whatever new product Reese’s releases and loves a Tostitos Hint of Lime, even if there is no actual lime in the ingredients.

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