Sunny D Vodka Seltzer Is Heading to Stores, so Now You Can Get Drunk on Nostalgia

Sunny D Vodka Seltzer is now a thing. That’s right. It’s finally possible to get drunk (responsibly!) on the taste of your sweet, sweet childhood. Gone are the days of wondering, “Is Sunny D orange juice?” (Actually, it’s mostly water and corn syrup with a bit of citric acid and fruit flavoring). From now on, the more important question is, “Does it taste good with booze?”

Okay, but it’s not in a cute squeezy, sippy bottle. How much of my childhood is still in this new Sunny D Vodka Seltzer?

Well, when it comes to flavor, apparently a lot. According to a press release from Sunny D, they held a blind taste test in which 85% of participants said that it had a unique taste; 87% noted a significant difference in taste from other hard seltzers on the market. While I don’t necessarily trust surveys conducted by the company trying to sell me their product, I can’t help but believe this one, since Sunny D does, in fact, have the most “unique” orangey taste you can get. It’s a sugary, tangy abomination, and for that we applaud it.

What else do we know so far about Sunny D Vodka Seltzer?

Speaking of “sugary,” that’s one major way this new alcoholic bev will differ from its nostalgic source material: Sunny D Vodka Seltzer is sugar free! It has 95 calories per can and an ABV of 4.5%, same as High Noon but lower than White Claw (5% ABV). The cans come in four packs and will be available at select Walmart stores starting on March 11.

If you’re worried about kids accidentally getting their hands on the stuff—they’ll grab anything that says Sunny D, especially over “purple stuff”—don’t worry. In addition to the word “VODKA” appearing in bold print on the can, there’s also a very clear “CONTAINS ALCOHOL” written across the top. For those of you who can legally consume this delicious orange juice-ish drink, go ahead and grab a pack. You’re a big kid now!

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