Sweetos Are Back for Their 2022 Season

Apparently every spring, Cheetos releases Sweetos for a limited time. Why did no one tell me this?! Also, what is a Sweeto? 

Let’s do some digging: 

Sweetos are cinnamon-sugar-flavored corn puffs. They were first released in February 2015 as an Easter-related treat and the Cheeto company’s first-ever sweet snack release. At the time, they were called “Sweetos Cinnamon Sugar Puffs,” and were very clearly an Easter food. Each puff was distinctly Easter egg-shaped. They had a brief wreath-shaped holiday run in late 2015, then they were back to being egg-shaped in the spring of 2016. In 2017, they were rebranded as “Sweetos Eggs” and the company also released a caramel version. In 2019 they released a savory version of the egg-shaped puff in their classic cheese flavor, and by 2020 it was back to the classic cinnamon-sugar-flavored Sweetos Eggs

This year, their packaging on the Cheeto Instagram page seems to be a lot less Easter-themed than the original 2015 packaging, but don’t worry, the Sweetos are still egg-shaped as ever. 

Since their inception, Sweetos has been a cinnamon sugary Easter staple with a cult following. Was I around in 2015? You bet. Did I know Sweetos existed? I most certainly did not. And now that I do know they exist I feel like I have an obligation to try them, especially since I just spent an hour combing the internet for bits and pieces of that grand ol’ Sweeto history. 

On an unrelated note, if Sweetos are just corn puffs covered in cinnamon sugar, are they actually… a cereal? I’ll leave that for Rhett & Link to argue about; I’m going to go eat a bag of Sweetos and take a nap.

Buy your own bag of Sweetos at Walmart and let us know what you think in the comments!

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  • These things a absolutely, hands down the best cinnamon sugar snack out there. My entire family is obsessed with these. Oh my gosh, dare I say they are better than Normal Cheetos. It’s a next level snack. Also GF for people with celiac like me. There are virtually no gf cinnamon sugar treats and this beats wheat-based ones by a long shot, or so I’m told by my fam ( who are all lucky enough to not have celiac). Great alternative to cinnamon rolls/ churro situation that people like me are barred from ever having again.

  • I’m buying a bag now! Must see if they’re cereal.

  • June, 2022. Addicted to Cheeto’s Sweeto’s. Now I can’t find them anywhere Walmart does not have them. Dollar General doesn’t have them anymore. Help me!

    • I’m pretty sure they only sale them for a limited time then they come back out the next year during that same time sadly..

  • I need to know were I can purchase them. Been looking for the past three months. They are my favorite

  • Sweeto’s need to be out all year long.