A New Takis Flavor Is Nacho Average Taki

When you think of Takis, what comes to mind? Lime? Crunch? The unyielding burn of chili powder hitting your poor stomach over and over again? Be honest, it’s probably the burn. The unique fiery flavor is a Takis trademark. So, that raises the question: Are Takis still Takis without their spice? Takis Intense Nacho is the new, spiceless Takis flavor in town, and it’s already stirring up controversy.

So, do these new Takis still taste like Takis if they don’t set your esophagus on fire?

Takis is marketing the new Intense Nacho as, “None of the spice, all of the intensity.” When most people think of Takis, they think of the intensity as the spice. Sure, there’s limey-ness and chili flavor, but when you eat Takis, you’re hit with an overwhelming heat that, quite honestly, no other chip on the market can compete with. (Haha! Better luck next time, Trader Joe’s). These new Intense Nacho Takis seem to be an attempt to get people who can’t handle spice on the Takis train. It’s a bold and unexpected move, but are the new nacho Takis as intense as promised?

While they’ve only been on the market a short time, people already seem underwhelmed. Takis released the new flavor in three shapes: the classic rolled corn chips, Pop!, and Waves. One online reviewer who tasted Intense Nacho Waves (aka the brand’s wavy potato chips) said that they taste exactly like Ruffles; another said they just don’t taste like Takis at all. Apparently, cheesiness alone isn’t “intense” enough for fans of the Takis we know and love. But, hey, if spice isn’t your bag, it couldn’t hurt to grab a bag of these—there are certainly worse things you could eat than cheesy Ruffles. We’ll be trying them soon, but in the meantime, let us know what you think.

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