Thanksgiving Menu Ideas for Every Type of Thanksgiving Dinner

Across the internet, Thanksgiving menu ideas all seem like they cater to one type of Thanksgiving dinner. But not here at Sporked! We’ve put together a Thanksgiving dinner menu for every type of Thanksgiving, whether you’re having your turkey and dressing solo or hosting a massive feast for family or hosting a Friendsgiving to remember. Check our list. There’s a Thanksgiving menu for you.

What to Buy for a Solo Thanksgiving

solo thanksgiving
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Being alone on Thanksgiving kind of rules. You get to choose the Thanksgiving menu and you get to eat all the leftovers. But if you want a little help curating, we’re here for you (and only you).

What to Buy for a Cozy Thanksgiving for Two

thanksgiving for two
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Two’s company, baby, especially for Thanksgiving dinner. Here’s a Thanksgiving menu that’s perf for just you and your boo (or roommate or bestie or…).

What to Buy for Thanksgiving for a Giant Crowd

giant thanksgiving dinner
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Welp, you’ve done it. You’ve committed to hosting Thanksgiving dinner for your family and friends and in-aws and a few randos you’re not sure how you know at this point. Here’s a Thanksgiving menu that will feed (and please) the masses.

What to Buy for a Cheap Thanksgiving

cheap thanksgiving dinner
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Thanksgiving? IN THIS ECONOMY? Yes. Here’s a Thanksgiving dinner menu for peeps who want to do it on the cheap.

What to Buy for a Fancy Thanksgiving

fancy thanksgiving
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Hosting folks you actually want to impress (i.e. not your immediate family)? We put together all the elements of a fancy feast (not the cat food) for your esteemed guests.

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