What to Buy for a Cozy Thanksgiving for Two

Thanksgiving for two doesn’t have to mean pizza or crab rangoon (although, if that’s what you choose because that’s what you want to eat, that’s totally A-OK with us). And it also doesn’t have to mean cooking a huge from-scratch feast that you’ll end up eating for the next week until you finally give up and throw it all away. It can be easy and festive and delicious—and fast. We’ve rounded up the best premade and almost premade Thanksgiving foods you can buy from the grocery store for a tasty Thanksgiving dinner for two. We’ve tried and tested each one and we think they’re pretty darn good. Whether you’re new to cooking or just don’t wanna, here are some Thanksgiving for two ideas. 

Supreme Brie Bites


Supreme Brie Bites

Instead of an elaborate cheese board or huge wheel of baked brie, just plate a few of these adorable brie bites. They’re two-bite mini rounds of creamy brie that will whet your palate for the Thanksgiving dinner for two that’s to come. If you want a little something extra, pair these brie bites with some prosciutto if you’re a meat eater or some fancy canned smoked trout

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Credit: Liv Averett / Instacart

Raincoast Crisps Rosemary Raisin Pecan


Raincoast Crisps Rosemary Raisin Pecan

You can’t have cheese without crackers, and these crunchy crisps are the perfect fall crackers. Studded with chewy raisins, nutty pecans, and flavored with aromatic rosemary, they’re great alone or topped with some of the brie. 

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Credit: Liv Averett / Amazon

Underwood The Bubbles


Underwood The Bubbles

Sparkling wine goes with everything. And this is the best canned sparkling wine we’ve tasted. It’s similar to a Cava or Prosecco—toasty and lemony. Crack a can when the apps start and keep on sipping right through dessert. It will cleanse your palate and complement every element of the richest meal of the year. Raise a glass—or a can, we won’t judge—to an easy Thanksgiving for two. So easy, you don’t even have to pop a cork and endanger your glassware (and eyeballs). 

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Credit: Merc / Total Wine

stove top stuffing


Rotisserie Chicken with Stove Top Traditional Sage Stuffing Mix

Skip the whole turkey and get a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store. Seriously, most of the time they’re better than anything you can make at home and you’ll still probably have enough meat left over for a midnight sandwich. (If you have a Costco membership, you know it’s worth the wait for one of them spit-roasted birds.) Then pair it with the best boxed stuffing: Stove Top Traditional Sage. Cook up the stuffing, put it on a platter, then top it with some carved rotisserie chicken so some of the juices soak into the bread. 

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bob evans mashed potatoes


Bob Evans Original Mashed Potatoes

This package of premade mashed potatoes says it serves 4-5, but that’s just right for a Thanksgiving dinner for two. If you’re feeling nervous about premade mashed potatoes, we get it. We tasted a few duds, for sure. But these ones really do taste exactly like homemade mashed potatoes—except they’re seasoned better than homemade potatoes typically are. They’re so creamy and savory and all you have to do is microwave them. 

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Credit: Merc / Walmart

frozen cream kale & spinach


Sprouts Market Corner Creamed Kale & Spinach

We tried some slightly better frozen creamed spinach brands in our frozen creamed spinach taste test, but this one is just the right size for a Thanksgiving meal for two. Plus, it has a bit more flavor and flare than the other, more traditional frozen creamed spinach brands. There’s kale in the peppery, garlicky mix along with parmesan. And since you’re not preparing a ton of sides, you want to get the most out of the few you do prep. 

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Credit: Sarah Demonteverde / Instacart

old fashioned pecan pie


Old Fashioned Pecan Pie

These mini pecan pies are the perfect desserts for a Thanksgiving for two. Buy one each—seriously, you might think you can split one but you’re going to want a whole mini pie for yourself. The crust is buttery and crumbly, the filling is caramelized and rich. Top with some of the best vanilla ice cream and enjoy the chill calm that is a Thanksgiving meal for two.

Credit: Merc / Instacart

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