The Best Bagged Salad if You Don’t Like Salad

This is a list of what to buy if you need salad for salad haters!

Maybe you’re trying to get more veggies into your children’s diets. Or maybe you love vegetables but can’t stand a boring old salad. Even if you are a salad lover, these are the best bagged salad options that exist. They’re so good that even a person who has zero interest in salad kits would get excited about these bagged salads. But once again, this is a list of salad for salad haters. Sorry, salad lovers! Prepare for some salad slander.

1. Good & Gather Chopped Caesar Salad Kit

I’m convinced that a lot of people don’t like salad because there are too many big pieces of lettuce. It can feel like grabbing a handful of leaves and shoving them into your mouth. Salad is so much more enjoyable when the lettuce is cut into tiny little pieces. This chopped Caesar salad kit from Target is the perfect example of a good salad. The lettuce is chopped super fine. The dressing is acidic and creamy. The crouton crumbs add incredible crunch. I know this is still a salad made primarily with lettuce, but it’s a lettuce salad for salad haters. We loved this in our Target salad kit taste test and we still love it now!

2. Trader Joe’s Elote Chopped Salad Kit

This Trader Joe’s salad kit is perfect for anyone who does not want to eat lettuce. If lettuce is not right for you, try cabbage! It’s way crunchier and it’s super easy to eat when it’s chopped up really fine. This salad kit basically makes an elote-flavored slaw with puffed corn, carrots, cotija cheese, and cornbread crumbles. I love it because I can eat it as an actual salad (I am not a salad hater) or use it to top tacos, burgers, etc. It’s a great multipurpose mix.

3. Chopped Teriyaki Pineapple Salad Kit

If you aren’t into salad, you are probably still into toppings. Because of that, you need a salad that has just as many mix-ins as it does pieces of lettuce. This salad for salad haters has almonds, crunchy noodles, dried pineapple, red cabbage, and carrots. Once again, you can enjoy this on its own, but if you really can’t handle eating it as a salad, it’d also be great in a wrap with Trader Joe’s orange chicken.

4. Wild Planet Tuna Pasta Salad

Okay. Listen. I know this isn’t a “bagged” salad, but it is a premade salad. I figured some people would read this list and say, “I still hate salad and everything on this list is still too salad-like!” If you’re that person, buy this Wild Planet tuna pasta salad. It’s a tasty and healthy lunch option that is a salad without being a salad at all. It’s pasta salad! It consists of consists of cooked pasta, canned tuna, red onion, green olives, and tomatoes. It tastes good and it’s wonderful because it doesn’t even have to be refrigerated. If you’re really looking for a salad-less salad for salad haters, this is the best pick.

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  • Could you possibly do a ranking of all good & gather kits? I just had the nashville hot kit and it’s GOOOOD.

    • I see that you’ve done this already. Can you tell this is my first time on sporked?