The Best Tea if You Don’t Like Coffee

There’s nothing wrong with not liking coffee; there’s nothing wrong with you for not liking coffee. Sorry you caught that. I was repeating it into the mirror to reassure myself. I’m sorry to the average American, but the only way I’ve been able to enjoy coffee is when it’s full of so much whole milk and mocha syrup that you could easily mistake it for chocolate milk. Tea, on the other hand, tea I get. You can have an infinitely more diverse set of flavors to choose from while still getting at least some of the caffeine boost you’d from a cup of coffee (if you opt for black tea, of course). This article is all about coffee-hater visibility, so without further ado, we’ve rounded up the best tea if you don’t like coffee.

Celestial Seasonings Energy Tea Black Tea

Celestial Seasonings Energy Tea Black Tea is perfect for coffee-haters looking for tea that’s tasty as soon as it steeps. Right out of the box, it’s sweet, vanilla-y, and citrusy—and it has as much caffeine as a cup of coffee. As Sporked senior writer Jordan Myrick pointed out, “You don’t need to add anything at all to this tea because it’s already bringing notes of honey and lemon.” I want a tea that is ready to go. As I mentioned, coffee needs way too much stuff to be palatable in my opinion, and I’m not bringing that energy to my morning tea. If you’re looking for a tea bag you can throw right into your thermos and run out the door, this is the one for you!

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Lipton Black Tea

We all know Lipton, from its taste to its iconic yellow box. Order tea at any diner and this is probably what they’ll give you. Jordan put it plainly: “It’s not the fanciest tea on the market or the most beautifully packaged; it is, however, wonderfully affordable and utilitarian.” Lipton is a solid option for a reason (it tastes good) and it’s a good entry-level option for people looking to dip a toe into tea-drinking waters. It was probably in the pantry at your grandma’s house and it still deserves a spot among the best teas for people who don’t like coffee.

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Good Earth Creme Earl Grey Black Tea

Honestly, if I were only recommending one tea to non-coffee drinkers, it would be Good Earth Creme Earl Grey Black Tea. Earl Grey is a crowd-pleaser, but it’s complex and flavorful, too. When the Sporked crew taste tested Earl Grey teas, Good Earth Creme Earl Grey beat out the competition with a flavor that’s bold but isn’t overpowering. It has floral notes and hints of vanilla to soothe you while also giving you an energy boost.

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Bigelow Vanilla Chai Black Tea

Fight with yourself if you think vanilla chai shouldn’t exist because I’m not listening to that nonsense. The world loves vanilla and the world loves chai, so this is an A-plus pairing! If you don’t believe me (I’ll only be mildly offended), believe Sporked’s ranking of the best chais. In it, Jordan appreciated that Bigelow Vanilla Chai Black Tea balances vanilla with the wide range of spices that are found in chai while not overpowering the ensemble. If you’ve ever forced down a vanilla latte mostly to get the vanilla flavor, this is the best tea for you.

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Tejava Unsweetened Original Black Tea

Iced tea isn’t my cup of tea (ba dum tssssss), but Tejava Unsweetened Original Black Tea is ideal for people who would drink iced coffee (if they drank coffee) because they want something that will cool them down rather than warm them up. It’s perfectly bitter and ready to enjoy straight out of the fridge with no meddling—just add your own ice cubes. If the bitterness is giving coffee vibes, take a cue from Sporked contributor Danny Palumbo and add a little lemonade for sweetness and create the ideal Arnold Palmer.

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