Tortilla Pockets Are Here to Keep Your Burritos from Falling Apart

Ever picked up a burrito, and every last bit of filling falls out the bottom before you could take a bite? It’s happened to the best of us. Well, Old El Paso has an elegant solution to this age-old problem: Tortilla Pockets, which are now available in the U.S. As a woman, I am a little offended that tortillas got pockets before women got them on our clothes, but I still have to admit this is an intriguing concept.

So what exactly is a tortilla pocket and how useful is it, really?

Well, a tortilla pocket is a soft-flour tortilla in the shape of a pouch, with the bottom part sealed up to prevent spillage (they also kind of look like gym socks? Sorry for that mental image). It’s basically a cup made of flour. I was surprised to learn that Old El Paso Tortilla Pockets are only new in the U.S. They were released in Australia and the UK back in 2020, where they’ve been a big hit and prevented a lot of messy burrito situations, apparently. However, both of those countries are much further away from Mexico than the U.S. So we’ll see if the concept will also take off here, or if it will be regarded as burrito sacrilege.

I do understand that tortilla pockets were invented with the pure intention of making burritos easier to eat, but I must admit, as a Californian and burrito connoisseur, the concept pains me a little. Look, I get the problem that these tortilla pockets solve, but I also wonder if maybe people just need to…improve upon their burrito folding technique? Or maybe they could invest in some of that edible burrito tape that was developed at Johns Hopkins a few months ago (they really are doing the lord’s work over at JHU). 

Still, do I want to buy some of these just so I can hold one in my hands and stare at it in awe? Yes, I do. Don’t ask me why, I just need to see one in person. Also, asking for a friend, can you wear them on your feet? My friend, who is definitely not me, hasn’t gone sock shopping in a few years. And sure, it sounds weird, but I do see where my very real friend is coming from. I mean these things look like socks made to be worn with Toms or Vans (you know, like low-rise socks). Also, they’d be environmentally-friendly since they are biodegradable. Is Old El Paso about to take on fast fashion?! That may be an article for another day.

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