Trader Joe’s Dill Pickle Mustard Is Back

Now, I don’t know if you picked up on this, but I happen to be a big fan of Trader Joe’s as a grocery store, an institution, and, more than anything else, a way of life. But I’m sure some of you are still thinking, “Meh, it’s just a grocery store—what’s the big dill?” Well, the big dill is that they’re constantly releasing innovative products, like a Dill Pickle Mustard that returned to stores this week and has the internet goin’ bonkers.

I’ve never tried this particular Trader Joe’s item (oh boy, do I plan to), but a spin around the internet indicates it has an almost cult-like following. According to Foodbeast, the mustard “channels the piquant utility of mustard and the tart zest of dill pickles.” Wow. Poetry. A grocery blog called Mrs. Trader Joe’s (which I resent very much considering he’s already taken…by me) gave this genius mustard concoction a 9/10 and said that “[their] sandwich tasted like pickles, yet the plot twist is = [they] didn’t add any pickles.” A major plot twist indeed. I hadn’t even thought of it until the Mrs. said it, but, good lord, this product truly does seem like a convenient way to up one’s sandwich game without the hassle/sog factor of putting pickles on it. A paradigm-shifting idea like this doesn’t come around every day. What I’m trying to say is that Trader Joe’s Dill Pickle Mustard is essentially the “industrial revolution” of sandwich condiments. That’s the comparison I’m making, and I think it’s fair.

People online have claimed that the minute they see this feisty lil’ mustard on store shelves, they are going to buy literally all of them and stock up for the year. You know what that means! It’s time for a race to Trader Joe’s. We’ll see who gets to the pickle mustard first, internet!

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