5 Trader Joe’s Easter Finds You Should Buy ASAP

Trader Joe’s Easter means cute woodland creatures appear on product packaging, seasonal produce pops up, and the aisles are stocked with Trader Joe’s treats perfect for filling baskets or serving alongside a vase of daffodils. Whether you’re hosting Easter brunch or find that you’re still a little peck-ish after devouring a couple chocolate bunnies, TJ’s has everything you need to put a little spring in your step, and a lot of food in your bellies. Here are five products that belong in your Trader Joe’s Easter haul.

Spiral Sliced Uncured Ham

Ham is a classic Easter meal centerpiece, but it can be daunting to prepare that whole hunk of meat. Trader Joe’s offers this option that comes fully cooked and spiral sliced. It only needs to be unwrapped and reheated. It even includes a glaze packet, so you can focus your time and attention on finding all the Easter eggs before those pesky kids, because it’s about time they learned that the real world is hard and nobody is just going to be leaving candy around for them to take.

Springle Jangle

Oh no, you’re hosting Easter brunch and the guests have arrived before everything is ready! How will you keep them from hovering around the kitchen, slowing up your process, and getting hangry? Certainly not by making small talk, that sounds awful. Instead, satiate them by putting out a bowl of Springle Jangle, a cheerful mix of candy treats like yogurt covered pretzels, butter coffee peanuts, and chocolate covered Joe Joe’s decorated with nonpareils. Your guests are free to graze at their leisure, so if they ruin their appetites before brunch then they have only themselves to blame.  

Organic Carrots of Many Colors

Roasted carrots are a fantastic Easter side, but carrots of all colors makes it all the more exciting. These carrots come in orange, white/yellow, and purple. Just make sure to have an extra platterful if you’re inviting the Easter bunny, because surely he’s tuckered from trespassing in order to hide eggs.

Candy Coated Dark Chocolate Almonds

If you’ve ever seen a robin’s egg and thought, “It’s pretty enough to eat, but I probably shouldn’t,” we’ve got great news! You’re probably not a snake. You likely already knew that, but did you know that Trader Joe’s offers candy coated dark chocolate almonds that have all the spring-tastic pastel appeal of a bird’s egg but none of the bird fetus? They also are very cute in small bowls for snacking around Easter—and we ranked them one of the best new Easter candies.

Lemon Curd

We love this lemon curd on toasted scones, as filling in cupcakes, or by the spoon out of the jar. If ever there was a product that could be marketed as “bottled sunshine,” it would be this…though it would probably face a long and arduous legal battle with pharmaceuticals manufacturing vitamin D. 

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  • It seems a weird miss not to have an Easter article focused on the Easter candy to put in an Easter basket separate from an article about Easter dinner. I was hoping to share TJs Easter highlights with my friends and family with kids, but this is just a random assortment of “spring adjacent” items (it would be less odd if this article were called spring items). Given the robust selection of Easter candy available at TJs and the items available to make an Easter dinner, this article feels like SEO filler since it’s just fence sitting with a random assortment of items.