The Best Spindrift Flavor, According to Trevor Evarts

Welcome to Mythical Kitchen Picks, the series in which the culinary experts from Mythical Kitchen tell you all about their favorite foods and ingredients. Last week, Nicole Enayati waxed poetic about how insanely good crunchy, flavor-blasted Zapp’s VooDoo chips are for snacking all day long. This week, Trevor Evarts is recommending his go-to, zero sugar thirst-quencher. Read on to find out which Greek goddess Trevor invokes in his praise of his favorite sparkling beverage. 

Trevor’s Pick: Raspberry Lime Spindrift Sparkling Water

raspberry lime spindrift
Liv Averett / Spindrift

Spindrift Sparkling Water is the unsung hero of the sparkling water cinematic universe, aka the SWCU. While I do enjoy other brands of sparkling water, they do tend to lack one important thing: actual fruit flavor. People often make jokes about other brands like “this sparkling water tastes like it was transported in a truck with lemons” or “it tastes like someone thought about an orange really hard while they were making it.” This is not a problem you will EVER encounter with Spindrift. That’s because Spindrift is made with real fruit juice and some flavors also have fruit purees in them! Drinking a cool can of Spindrift is like drinking sparkling water blessed by the Greek goddess of the harvest, Demeter, herself. Spindrift doesn’t have the aggressive bite of other sparkling waters. It goes down smooth while scratching that carbonation itch and tastes immaculate. My favorite flavor is Raspberry Lime; it’s refreshing and has just the right amount of acidity and sweetness. It also works as a great mixer for any kind of white/clear liquor. All that to say, Spindrift owns my heart and my taste buds and if you love delicious beverages that don’t have any added sugars, Spindrift is the drink for you. 

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