Our Favorite Pickles Are Now Potato Chips!

Iconic chip retailer Utz has teamed up with our favorite pickles, Grillo’s Pickles, to release a new pickle-flavored potato chip! They describe the flavor as “a mouthwatering combination of dill, garlic, and the tang of vinegar on [their] original Utz Potato Chip.” We got our hands on a bag before their release to see how they stack up to other pickle chips on the market and if they live up to Utz’s promise that “just one taste will have you coming back for more.”

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New Product

Utz Grillo’s Pickle Flavored Potato Chips

This potato chip literally tastes like a Grillo’s pickle in chip form. Utz boasts that their chips are “lighter” and “fresher” than their competitors and I think that makes them the perfect potato chip brand to pair with Grillo’s Pickles, which are known for their freshness. While these chips pack a pickle punch, they don’t overdo it with citric acid or dried dill. This results in a milder flavored potato chip that sings rather than screams “pickle.” The moment I tasted these, I wanted to grab a fully dressed hoagie and layer these into it for an extra pickley sandwich (just the way I like it). If you’re a fan of a potato chip that is light in texture, taste, and flavor or you’re a Grillo’s loyalist, you have to try these chips.

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