What to Put in the Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

Sometimes finding one big gift for a person can be stressful. It has to be thoughtful or useful or at least aesthetically pleasing. And you really just have to make sure it is something they actually want because if not, they might feel like you don’t know them very well at all, and then you will be sad and they will be sad (and this is all hypothetical I promise). But don’t worry. I have a solution to this hypothetical “one big gift” issue and here it is: a Valentine’s Day gift basket filled with a bunch of small gifts. All from the grocery store. And most of them are chocolate.

Ghirardelli Signature Collection Box of Chocolates

A box of chocolates is the classic V-Day gift. On its own? Not enough. But put it in a Valentine’s Day gift basket and this thing becomes the centerpiece, nay, the focal point, nay, the workhorse (get it?) of your glorious tower of chocolate and raspberry-flavored things. And don’t get it twisted, these are not the individually wrapped Ghirardelli Squares we know and love. Sporked‘s Jordan Myrick tried these and noted that “the little heart-shaped cups are decadent…if they didn’t come in a Ghirardelli box, I would think these chocolates were handmade by a local chocolatier at a fancy candy store.” In other words, these are Ghirardellevated chocolates—get some for your boo.

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Baker’s Real Milk Chocolate Dipping Chocolate

Dinner and a movie, Sweethearts candy and chalky disappointment, Pete Davison and the world’s most successful women for some reason—these iconic Valentine’s Day pairings have nothing on chocolate and strawberries. So why not get this delicious microwavable dipping chocolate and some beautiful berries for your increasingly awesome Valentine’s Day gift basket. Jordan described this stuff as tasting like “melted Hershey’s Kisses, but smoother…it’s so rich and thick that it really clings to a dunked strawberry.” Just like you cling to your partner in the cold winter months (probably…I mean I don’t know you).

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Trader Jacques’ Fleur de Sel Caramel Sauce

There are very few Valentine’s situations that would be made worse by a salty, sweet, thick, decadent caramel. Sporked editor-in-chief Justine Sterling called this “Hand Down the best Caramel Sauce.” Get this for your love. They’ll find a way to use it I promise – if nothing else this stuff is great eaten with a spoon straight oot the jar.

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Favorite Day Gummi Peach Hearts

You gotta have a gummy in the mix, so pick up some of these peaches at Target. They taste like peach rings but they have a firmer chew, not unlike Haribo gummies. And they’re heart shaped (any other time of the year, you might assume they were simply peach shaped, but whatever)! A jar of these is a cute (and chewy) addition to a Valentine’s Day gift basket.

Candy Canes

Hear me out—candy canes are red and white and show you were thinking about Valentine’s Day WAY in advance like the thoughtful, proactive partner you are. This one works especially well if they actually like candy canes.

Hershey’s Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Kisses

I mean, is there a better treat for a Valentine’s Day gift basket than a Hershey’s Kiss? Why yes, there is…a Hershey’s Kiss filled with delicious strawberry goo. These may look like bloody murder, but the Sporked crew promises they’re really good. See, the strawberry filling isn’t a gel, which would be way too sickly sweet, but rather a cream, sort of like what you’ll find inside a Cadbury Creme Egg. We love these and your love will, too.

Trader Joe’s Raspberry Mousse Cakes

This one is great if your girlf, boyf, or theyf loves raspberry but is less of a chocolate person. Plus, these are so dod derned cute I just want to eat them. And unlike other situations wherein people say that phrase, in this case, you actually can! Jordan loved these, in part because they look like fancy bakery patisserie and taste like it, too. As Jordan wrote, they are “light and filled with vanilla flavor, but the raspberry is what really shines. The tartness cuts through the sweetness of the cake and creates a wonderful flavor contrast.” Go get you some of these and add ‘em to the basket.

And there you have it. All these gifts combined should leave you with one happy camper of a partner…provided they like chocolate berries, (candy canes?), and all things good.

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