5 Ways You Should Be Eating Potato Chips

Potato chip fanatics, look no further! This list is filled with creative uses for potato chips. After reading this, you’ll never need to Google “recipes with potato chips” again.

I’ve put together five ways to incorporate your favorite food (potato chips) into everyday meals. Maybe you’re trying to use up leftover chips from a party. Maybe you’re never sure what to do with the crumbs at the bottom of your favorite bag. Maybe you just want to have more fun with your cooking! Whatever reason you’re looking to incorporate more potato chips into your diet, read this list before your next meal planning session. Here are five ways you should be using potato chips in your cooking: 

As Breading for Chicken

If you’re cooking up chicken at home, skip the panko or breadcrumbs and reach for potato chips. They make an excellent coating for homemade chicken tenders. Any flavor will do, but I really love something that packs a punch of flavor, like dill pickle chips or Zapp’s Voodoo chips. Pair with some ranch and you’ll be in potato chip heaven.

Tossed in a Salad

My favorite way to use up potato chip crumbs is to put them in salads. You will totally forget about croutons. And that’s saying a lot because croutons are delicious! A BBQ ranch salad with BBQ potato chips. A Greek salad with salt and vinegar potato chips. A chopped salad with honey Dijon potato chips. The possibilities are truly endless.

Sprinkled on a Cake

I know this seems too kooky to be good, but I promise it is! Sprinkle some crunchy, greasy plain potato chips over a frosted chocolate cake for a truly heavenly salty and sweet experience. Just try it before you knock it because I promise you’ll like it.

Topping Mashed Potatoes

True potato heaven is topping warm and creamy mashed potatoes with crunchy, crushed up potato chips. Imagine how good the parmesan garlic Kettle chips would taste on top of the absolutely perfect Betty Crocker instant mashed potatoes.

To Jazz Up Butter

Form butter into a log and roll it in your favorite potato chips. Place it out for guests to enjoy at your next dinner party. It sounds weird, but the slight crunch, salt, and flavor mixed with the butter adds a ton to corn on the cob, dinner rolls, and anything else you can imagine.

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