We Tasted the New Peach Monster Energy Drink

I’m a big Monster Energy fan. Okay, I don’t actually buy and drink Monster Energy drinks (I’m prone to panic attacks and simply do not have the constitution for it), but when I crack a can for work purposes, I’m always impressed by the bold flavors and pleasant fizz. For my (hypothetical) money, Juice Monster will always be the most elite of their beverage offerings, but I get that some people want to keep it classic. That’s what the Monster Reserve line is all about—no juice or coffee or tea. Just taurine and carnitine and lots of sugar. Currently, you can get Monster Reserve in several flavors, including Original and all its iterations, Kiwi Strawberry, White Pineapple, and Watermelon. And a new flavor just joined the Monster squad: Monster Reserve Peaches N’ Creme. Is it good? Is it really creme-y? We tasted it to find out.

peach monster peaches n creme review

New Product!

Monster Reserve Peaches N’ Creme

If you’ve ever wanted to guzzle liquified peach candy, you’re in luck! This new peach Monster is very peachy and very sweet. But what of the creme?!

Pros: If you come to Monster for slap-you-in-the-face flavors, you just might enjoy this. It’s aggressive. It’s like gummy peach rings that get you high on life. Honestly, this shit might be even sweeter than gummy peach candy. It’s pretty wild. But what do you expect from an energy drink that contains 28 grams of sugar per can?

Cons: Okay, real talk, this is just too sweet. I enjoyed a few sips, but no way I’m drinking 16 ounces of this stuff. But really my main problem with this: There’s really no creme flavor to be found. Cream soda is so good! If this were more like a cream soda with a punch of peach, it would absolutely rule. As is, it’s all peaches and no creme.




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