How Many Prime Flavors Are There And What Are They?

Heavily promoted and invested in (not outright owned!) by social media stars Logan Paul and KSI, Prime is one of the hottest drinks in town. Figuratively. You should drink it cold. But you know that—you’re here to do a deep dive on the many Prime flavors. How many Prime flavors are there? What are all the Prime flavors? What is the rarest Prime flavor? Let’s get primed for some answers!

How many Prime flavors are there?

Prime Hydration has multiple products and multiple flavors for those products. They’re constantly adding more, so nailing down an exact number can be tricky. Prime has three main product lines. Prime Hydration is a sports drink, like Gatorade. Prime Energy is an energy drink like Red Bull or Monster. Prime Hydration+ Sticks are a powdered version of the drink. 

Prime Hydration has ten flavors. They are Ice Pop, Strawberry Watermelon, Lemon Lime, Blue Raspberry, Tropical Punch, Meta Moon, Cherry Freeze, Lemonade, and Strawberry Banana. Prime Hydration also came in grape and orange, but those flavors are sold out and may no longer be available. Prime Energy has seven available flavors. They are Original, Ice Pop, Strawberry Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, Tropical Punch, Orange Mango, and Lemon Lime.

A lot of those flavors are pretty straightforward and tell you what you’re going to get. Some however are a bit of a mystery. Adding to the flavor confusion, some people simply refer to them as the color of the bottle. So let’s solve this flavor-packed mystery! 

What is the original Prime flavor?

Original Prime is flavored with grapefruit and lime. Prime is made with coconut water, so if you really look for it you can find a hint of coconut in most of them.

What flavor is Meta Moon Prime? What flavor is the white Prime?

Meta Moon, also known as white Prime, has a sweet, candy flavor, like cotton candy and blue raspberry

What flavor is Glowberry Prime?

Glowberry is a crisp, sour apple flavor. 

What flavor is pink Prime?

The pink Prime bottle is strawberry watermelon, while the pink and yellow bottle is strawberry banana. 

What flavor is Ice Pop Prime? 

This bomb pop-inspired Prime is cherry, blue raspberry, and lime flavored.

What flavor is Dodgers Prime? 

The special edition Los Angeles Dodgers Prime shares the same flavor profile as Ice Pop: cherry, blue raspberry and lime.

What flavor is KSI Prime? What flavor is black Prime?

KSI Prime is also often referred to as black Prime, because of the color of the bottle. So, if you’re wondering, what flavor is black Prime, you’re also wondering what flavor is KSI Prime. And the answer is: mango-orange. 

What is the rarest Prime flavor? 

Prime Hydration and Prime Energy are extremely popular, selling out and being collected by fans with every new release. Prime also offers a limited edition collectors series. These are the rarest Prime flavors. They include Glowberry Holo, Prime Lemonade Venice Beach Edition, and KSI Prime.

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  • the strawberry banana prime is the best prime so far

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