The Best Drinks When It’s Hot Outside, According to You

Well, my friends, it’s summer—and as they don’t say in that one very questionable Christmastime song, baby, it’s hot outside. And when it is hot outside, baby, bring on the cold drinks. But what drinks? Well, it’s a good thing we have you guys, because we took to Twitter to ask, “What’s your go-to drink when it’s really hot outside? (besides water),” and y’all delivered with some pretttty creative cold, icy, and refreshing solutions to the ongoing issue of summer existing. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

When Life Gives You Lemons…

“Nothing NOTHING beats fresh squeezed lemonade” —@adamsbe27

@adamsbe27 out here callin’ it like they sees it. (But if you aren’t up for all that squeezing, we ranked the best store bought lemonade.)
Southern Sweet Tea

“Southern sweet tea. Idc if the sugar dehydrates me” —@Sassy_Wino_

There is something so incredibly satisfying about extremely cold, extremely sweet iced tea on an extremely hot day.

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Power Slush

“blue Powerade put in the freezer for like 20/30 minutes until it’s slightly a slushy” —@scarlettlila_

What a genius hack, I am trying this out this month.

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Caffeine and Cream

“Coffee milkshake” —@wizardingmomma

I had an espresso milkshake once a couple summers ago, and let me tell you, it woke up every atom in my body. For context. I am a caffeine lightweight, but. BOY, was it frozen, delicious, and worth the two days of jitters.

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The Classic Sips

“Good ole Coca-Cola for me, or Sprite.” —@RaynebowBlitz

I mean you can’t go wrong with a good ol’ classic Coca-Cola.

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The Most Refreshing Gatorade

“Lime cucumber Gatorade.” —@MrsWaldron33

This is the best Gatorade for when you need to be refreshed ASAP. Hands down. If you have not tried this yet where have you been?

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The Twofer

“Arnold Palmer” —@PaulBro83318051

Much like Rhett & Link, burgers and fries, and me and doom scrolling for hours on TikTok, lemonade and iced tea simply go together. They just do.

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“slurpee!!!” —@magsterling

SLURPEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (In case it wasn’t clear, I could not agree with @magsterling more. Slurpees on a hot day are a gift from some divine force).
The Elixir

“2:1 ratio of red Powerade and Sprite. I call it an elixir.” —@SittinWithYou

This elixir sounds like if sugar, electrolytes, and the Kool-Aid Man had a baby, and much like a baby, I am on board.
Sparkling Water

“Spindrift! Or as we call them in my house, *Spinnys*” —@kadiealexander

I mean come on. Sparkling water is absolutely perfect for sipping on a porch, or at your desk doing work, or at the beach, or at the park, or with a mouse, or in a house, or with a fox, or in a box, or at your third bachelorette party of the wedding season, you name it, an ice cold sparking water will fit the hot, summery, sip-tuation. And Spindrift is made with real fruit juice, so it’s extra delicious!

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