What Are Corn Ribs? And How Do You Eat Them?

Who’s got the time to eat a whole cob’s worth of corn? Luckily for everyone, we live in a world with corn ribs. Now, don’t worry, corn cobs don’t have skeletons. No, corn ribs are a variation on the traditional corn on the cob. Let’s explore the wide world of corn ribs and kiss that ordinary cob goodbye! 

What are corn ribs?

Corn ribs are essentially strips of corn on the cob. Slicing the strips of kernels off the cob to maintain structural integrity is a little tricky, but the effect is impressive. They’re usually seasoned with herbs or spices, coated in butter or oil, and baked. 

How to eat corn ribs?

Just like you eat pork ribs! The sliver of cob that remains functions as the bone, and the seasoned kernels are the meat. Just make sure to get every last bit of tasty goodness off the cob—there’s always some lurking. Some folks even chew the cob afterward to get every last flavor morsel. That’s the kind of dedication we like to see. 

trader joe's corn ribs

Review: Trader Joe’s Frozen Corn Ribs

As is the case with so many viral food trends, Trader Joe’s recently released its own rendition of corn ribs. We tried their Seasoned Corn Ribs, and here’s our take.

How to cut corn ribs?

Most corn rib enthusiasts find that the easiest way to cut corn ribs is to first cut the cobs in half to make two shorter cobs. Then, turn the corn on its end and cut it down into quarters. 

How to cook corn ribs?

Corn ribs can be cooked in an air fryer, the oven, or even thrown on the grill if the weather’s nice! As you cook them, they tend to curl slightly, making them resemble the meat ribs after which they’re named. Common seasonings for corn ribs include garlic salt, paprika, oregano, and red pepper flakes. But, let your imagination run wild. If you’re looking for inspiration, be sure to check out corn rib TikTok to see how folks around the globe are spicing up their corn rib experience. 

As much as you might love ordinary corn on the cob, you’ve gotta admit the allure of the corn rib is pretty undeniable. I genuinely hope to see many a barbecue enlivened by the slicing of corn ears this summer…now to just get invited to one! 

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