What Flavor Is Monster: The Most Mysterious Monster Flavors, Explained

Monster Energy is truly a monster in the energy drink space, but its flavors have always been somewhat mysterious. Well, no longer. Let’s break down every Monster Energy drink flavor we can think of and figure out what flavors they actually are. Here goes! 

What flavor Is the green Monster?

The original Monster Energy Drink is described as “Sweet and salty.” According to the website, “one of the meanest energy drinks on the planet” channels exotic citrus flavor with a hint of salt. 

What flavor is Monster Zero Ultra?

With a light, refreshing, citrus and lemon flavor profile, Monster describes this version thusly: “The Ultra is a little less sweet, lighter-tasting, zero calories, but with a full load of our Monster energy blend.”

What flavor is White Monster?

Though it’s commonly referred to as “the white monster,” this is actually the same drink as Zero Ultra. Enjoy the citrusy zip. 

What flavor is Monster Ultra Paradise?

This zero sugar version of Monster has a kiwi flavor with a hint of cucumber and lime. 

What flavor is Monster Ultra Gold?

This zero sugar formula is the Monster energy drink ideal for pineapple lovers—or “Refreshing Golden Pineapple” as the company refers to it. 

What flavor is Khaotic Monster?

Juice Monster Khaotic is in the Juice Monster line. It tastes like orange citrus. But the original mix, which launched in 2005, isn’t the same as the current mix, which was adjusted in 2021 to have a lighter flavor.  

What flavor is Ultra Rosa Monster?

The Monster website describes the flavor as “bright and sweet,” which are not technically flavors as much as descriptors of flavors. Luckily, they go on to say it “still has the full Monster energy blend” with a “floral finish.”  

What flavor is the pink Monster?

The distinctive pink can actually belongs to the Ultra Rosa monster, so you’ll be enjoying those bright and sweet floral flavor notes. 

What flavor is Monster Ultra Violet?

As you might have guessed from the purple can, this Monster has flavors of light citrus and grape. The website explains it was inspired by the “hazy purple funk and kaleidoscopes of the 70’s.” Far out. 

What flavor is the purple Monster?

While Ultra Violet might not be on the visible spectrum, Monster Ultra Violet comes in a purple can and is also known as The Purple Monster. 

What flavor is Ultra Red Monster?

Ultra Red, another sugar free option, has a flavor of “crisp and refreshing mixed berry.” Sadly, like many of life’s great mysteries, we’ll never know exactly which berry flavors are mixed together.

What flavor is the blue Monster?

Also known as Monster Ultra Blue, this sugar free Monster has flavors of berries and citrus, fueled, naturally, by the Monster Energy blend. 

What flavor is Monster Ultra Sunrise? 

Expect some light and crisp citrus and orange flavors from this zero sugar blend. 

What flavor is Monster Ultra Black? 

This version has a crisp and refreshing black cherry flavor profile. Their website adds, somewhat anticlimactically, “get it while the getting’s good.”

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