What Happened to Trix Yogurt?

Silly rabbit…yogurt is for kids?! What’s this now?! That poor, put-upon rabbit who desperately wants to share in a fruity children’s cereal was also deprived of a fruity children’s yogurt. But what happened to Trix yogurt? Is it still around for children to enjoy and hoard? Let’s talk about Trix yogurt. 

What happened to Trix yogurt?

Trix the cereal is owned by General Mills and has been around since 1954. It basically started out as a sugary, fruit-flavored version of Kix. In 1959, they introduced the Silly Rabbit mascot and kids caught a case of Trix fever. Trix continues to be one of the favorite cereals for kids.

At the same time, yogurt was rising in popularity in the United States as a health food. The worlds of cereal and yogurt collided during the 1990s health craze. Cereals like Trix were being called out for their sugar content, while yogurt was quickly becoming the diet food of choice for many.

In an effort to expand their lop-eared empire, General Mills licensed the Trix name and their mascot to Yoplait to create Trix Yogurt. Side note: General Mills now owns Yoplait. I love mega-corporations.

Yoplait introduced Trix yogurt cups in 1992 with flavors Strawberry Banana Bash, Raspberry Rainbow, Triple Cherry, and Rainbow Punch, followed soon by the likes of Watermelon Burst and Cotton Candy. Each cup contained a Twix yogurt swirl of two bright colors. Kids lost their freaking minds for it.

But as with any popular trend, the fall is as quick as the rise. Turns out, yogurt wasn’t yogurt-y enough and, over time, Greek yogurt became dominant. Trix yogurt fought a good fight, holding out as long as it could, but was ultimately discontinued in 2016. 

Is Trix yogurt discontinued today?

The children of yesterday are now the adults-with-disposable-income of today. And corporations are intimately aware of the cycle of nostalgia. So, Yoplait brought back the Trix yogurt in 2021. While they only have two flavors, strawberry and berry, they still have the iconic dual-colored Trix yogurt swirl. 

But they didn’t stop there. Someone in the R&D department at Yoplait said, “Why separate the cereal and yogurt? Why not slap them together?” So now, Yoplait sells yogurt cups that pair different yogurt flavors with a handful of the cereal sealed in the lid.

There’s Cinnamon Toast Crunch with cinnamon vanilla yogurt, Lucky Charms with vanilla yogurt, and Trix with strawberry yogurt. Now, an entire generation of children can go absolutely nuts over the same thing their parents did.

The snake has eaten its tail. What once was old is new again. Trix yogurt is risen, hallelujah. 

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