What Is a Ginger Shot?

What are ginger shots? You’re not going to find them at the bar—okay, you will. But you’ll find them at a juice bar, not a dive bar. Today, we’re talking about the concentrated shot of ginger juice (and sometimes other stuff). We’ll answer all your burning questions about ginger shots. Like, do they burn? They’re certainly spicy! Here’s everything you need to know about ginger shots—whether they’re store-bought or homemade. 

What is a ginger shot?

A ginger shot is a small amount of juiced ginger root (usually about two ounces), which is often mixed with citrus juice and natural sweeteners. It is taken for health reasons—many believe it to give the immune system a boost and calm potentially upset stomachs. They’re often sold at juice shops, but these days you can also find ginger shots pre-bottled at the grocery store.

What are ginger shots good for? What do ginger shots do?

Ginger shots are believed to have a range of benefits. According to the Cleveland Clinic, a ginger shot could help to soothe an upset stomach, boost your immune system thanks to its antiviral and antibacterial properties, lower cholesterol, and even reduce inflammation and ease pain. Heck, the only thing they can’t seem to do is your income taxes (for that, we recommend an accountant, not an immune health drink). While you shouldn’t go chugging a liter of ginger juice, a daily ginger shot could very well up your wellness game. 

What do ginger shots taste like?

Ginger shots taste like ginger—very concentrated ginger. They’re spicy and tangy and usually a little bit sweet, often due to the addition of honey or agave. They’re also often a little bit thicker than other juices.

Ginger shots are often offered by coffee shops as well as juice and smoothie shots, but you might not immediately spot them. That’s because of marketing. They’ll sometimes be labeled as “immune support” or “booster” or any other manner of cutesy names (not a complaint, just an observation! Bring ‘em on, the cuter the better!). If, for any reason, you feel like your digestive health could use some realignment, one of these little doozies could do you a world of good. Give them a try, and if you don’t like it, it’ll be over in a second or two. Have a Yoo-Hoo or something on hand to wash it down.

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