Our Honest Review of the New Java Monster Irish Creme

Monster Energy has always been the top dog of the energy drink world—and they’re not too shabby when it comes to the boozy world and coffee world, as well, thanks to their Beast Unleashed line and their Java energy drinks. This year has brought us several exciting new Monster flavors and today we’re taking a closer look at one that combines energy with coffee with booze (flavor, at least). We’re talking Java Monster Irish Crème.

Java Monster Irish Crème claims to be different from Java Monster Irish Blend. Monster says the new Irish Crème is “new and improved” and that it’s a reformulation of the Irish Blend. A quick comparison of the nutrition facts shows some slight differences: Irish Crème contains 190 calories in a can vs Irish Blend’s 180. Irish Crème has 3.5 grams of fat vs Irish Blend’s 5 grams. Irish Crème has 200 mg of Caffeine vs Irish Blend’s 188 mg. These are not earth shattering differences, but it’s certainly enough to verify that a reformulation has happened! But how does it taste? Read on as we crack open (and gently shake) the can to find out.

Java Monster Irish Crème

New Java Monster!

Java Monster Irish Crème

Pros: This new Java Monster captures the essence of Irish creme flavor. It smells like it and it tastes like it even more. It has a very pleasant creaminess and almost reminds me of a non-alcoholic Baileys. I don’t typically enjoy coffee-flavored energy drinks but this really delivers in a surprisingly delightful manner. So, if you do like coffee-flavored energy drink, this could be your new favorite Java Monster.

Cons: It’s sweet. Additionally, the aftertaste of the drink certainly leaves something to be desired. As I mentioned above, I am typically not an enjoyer of coffee-flavored energy drinks, in part due to the bitter aftertaste of coffee. And the aftertaste here is very bitter. While this might not be a con for everyone, I can’t help but think I’d enjoy this just a little bit more if it wasn’t for this aftertaste.

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