What Is in Poultry Seasoning and Can You Only Use It on Chicken?

True to its name, poultry seasoning is simply a dried seasoning blend often used in roasted turkey and stuffing recipes. You can definitely make a turkey without it, but why do that when it’s right there in your spice cabinet? Today, we’ll talk a bit about poultry seasoning, and why you’d be an absolute, ahem, birdbrain not to use it on your next chicken dinner! 

What is in poultry seasoning? 

Let’s put this rumor to rest: There is no chicken in poultry seasoning. It’s not seasoning made of poultry; it’s a seasoning for poultry. So, what’s in poultry seasoning, actually? Practically anything classic spice rack herb you can get your hands on. But, while it varies from brand to brand, and even more so if you’re putting together your own mix, the main herbs and spices in poultry seasoning are typically sage, thyme, rosemary, marjoram, nutmeg, and onion powder. 

What herbs are in poultry seasoning, besides those main ones?

Besides those standard herbs and spices, other guest stars in poultry seasoning include oregano, parsley, garlic powder, chili powder, and black pepper. Occasionally you’ll even see things like lemon peel, white pepper, ginger, and dill in the mix. Sheesh, that’s practically the whole rack! I bet that poor cinnamon shaker will be feeling pretty lonely up there once all their friends have been taken down and used. Hey, Pixar, we’ve got your next movie idea for you! 

What are other uses for poultry seasoning, besides chicken?

Aside from using it in your standard chicken and turkey recipes, poultry seasoning can actually be used in many additional ways! It can be used as a rub for things like beef, veal, pork chops, and other red meats. Also, despite its name, poultry seasoning also pairs well with fish and vegetables. It can also be added to marinades or used in poultry adjacent dishes like stuffing, soup, or savory pot pies. Sprinkle some on popcorn or, heck, try some on your next ice cream cone! Who knows, it might be a spectacular experience! 

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