What Is Celery Salt? And How Do You Use It?

Two of my absolute favorite things in the world are celery and salt. For too long, I anguished over the fact that there was no way for me to enjoy these two delightful delicacies together (other than sprinkling salt on celery, but it just falls off). Then I discovered something amazing that changed my life forever: celery salt! But what is celery salt? Sure it tastes like celery and salt, but what is in it? And is it the same as celery seed? We’ll answer all those questions and more as we celebrate celery salt.

What is celery salt?

Celery salt is a popular seasoning blend. Find, okay. But what’s in celery salt? Celery salt is a mix of salt and ground celery seeds. Sometimes dried bits of celery and celery leaves are also ground into the mix.

Is celery seed the same as celery salt?

Not exactly. Celery seeds are whole seeds and provide a more intense flavor than celery salt. Those seeds are ground into a powder and mixed with salt to make celery salt. You can easily make your own celery salt at home. Well, it’s easy if you have a spice grinder, food processor, or mortar and pestle. Just grind some celery seeds in one of those contraptions then mix it with some salt. Mix until you have a taste that you like and store the results in a cool, dry place.

What is celery salt used for?

Most people, especially brunch fiends, know celery salt as the stuff that rims a Bloody Mary glass. You know how when your friend orders a Bloody Mary and they ask if you want a sip and you say no but you want to lick the rim? That’s the celery salt talking. 

But this seasoning is used for so much more than brunchtime buzzes. Celery salt is an ingredient in other famous seasoning blends: It is used in Old Bay (it’s great on seafood) and rumor has it that celery salt is also an ingredient in KFC’s seasoning. Celery salt’s mild, earthy flavor is also a must for Chicago-style hot dogs and goes perfectly on potato salad and egg salad. Basically, you can throw the stuff on anything that could use a little zip or zing. Sometimes I sprinkle it on myself to give me a little zing.

I’m so glad that celery salt exists and combines my two loves. I just wish there was a similar combo with my other loves, lemon and pepper.

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