What Is Sorbet, Really?

Even though summer has come to a close, it doesn’t mean we have to completely throw our frozen treats into the proverbial dumpster. Heck no, we’re all adults here: we can enjoy delicious cold desserts year round if we want to! (And even eat them instead of dinner sometimes; we make our OWN rules here!) Ice creams, gelato, sherberts…and the subject of today’s talk here, the noble sorbet. Known to be the most refreshing of the “iced” dessert squad, sorbet has a sterling reputation that we can’t wait to dive into. Honestly, we wouldn’t mind literally diving into some, too…we bet that’d feel pretty nice between our toes. Let’s get scooping!

Does sorbet have dairy?

You might be wondering, since it is kinda creamy, does sorbet have milk? Lucky for any and all dairy free pals we have out there, sorbet is naturally lactose-free and does not contain dairy. Sorbet is typically made from water and fruit juice or purée, with no milk to speak of to upset any tummies who may not be up for lactose! 

Is sorbet ice cream?

Because sorbet does not contain dairy, it does not officially count as ice cream. Ice cream is made with dairy. (Sorry, vegan ice cream, you’re not real ice cream!)

What is sorbet made of? What is in sorbet?

Sorbet is a lot simpler to make than it may seem. Classic sorbet ingredients include water, simple syrup, and fruit puree, juice, or another flavoring agent like coffee or chocolate. There are endless possibilities when it comes to flavoring, from garden variety tastes like cherry and lemon, to more adventurous options like passionfruit and limoncello. You can even add wine or liqueur to make things a little extra saucy. 

How is sorbet made?

There’s a really simple way you can remember how to make sorbet: CCF! Chill! Churn! Freeze! That’s right, just chill the ingredients, churn them together with a standard mixer, and freeze that tasty goo! You’ll have sorbet in no time…and then no sorbet in no time, because everyone will want to try it. 

Is sorbet vegan?

Sorbet is naturally vegan as long as you’re using vegan flavorings. If you decide to make beef sorbet with bone broth, that will no longer be a vegan dessert.  

Is sorbet gluten free?

Folks, can you believe it? Sorbet is gluten free, too! It’s literally a treat for EVERYONE, save for the poor souls who are allergic to joy! 

How is sorbet pronounced?

Wow, really should have taken care of this one earlier, we’ve been using the word so much! Sorbet is a french word pronounced “Sore-bay.” 

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