What Is Spring Water?

Water is big business. Everyone is thirsty for hydration. Back in the day, our weirdo parents were happy to fill their drinking glass up from the sink. Or taking a sip from a water hose in the front yard. To be fair, a lot of us might still do the water hose thing if we could afford a house with a yard. Anyway, regardless of the housing crisis, these days we’re inundated with choice when it comes to drinking water. There’s tap, mineral, purified, alkaline, soda water, seltzer, spring, and more. What do they all mean? What’s the difference? Today, we’ll talk about all things spring water. What is spring water? Does spring water have minerals? Where does spring water come from? Let’s put some spring in our steps and get some answers.

What is spring water?

Spring water is one of the most popular types of bottled water. It comes from an underground aquifer aka material like rock or sediment that holds water. It’s known for its purity, as you can drink spring water directly from the source. 

Where does spring water come from? 

Spring water comes from groundwater. Wait, groundwater? Just, like, from the ground? I know that the term groundwater sounds like someone is just collecting water from rain puddles, but it’s way cleaner than that. The groundwater that spring water comes from is collected from springs or boreholes (narrow, very deep wells, essentially). 

Spring water vs purified water

Purified water is basically just water that’s mechanically filtered or has gone through additional processes to remove impurities. Most of the tap water in the U.S. and Canada is considered purified water. But spring water goes through a natural filtration system. It’s filtered as it travels through layers of limestone, sandstone, and clay. Both spring water and purified water are tested by the FDA before they are allowed to apply their labels. 

Is spring water distilled? 

Spring water is collected right from the source, it is not distilled. Distilled water is made by boiling water and collecting the condensation. This filters the water of any bacteria or contaminants but also removes most minerals. 

Does spring water have minerals?

Yes, spring water is rich in minerals like calcium and magnesium, which are good things that our bodies need! But, just to make things a little more confusing, there is also a thing called mineral water. While spring water does contain minerals, mineral water has even more minerals! Mineral water can have mineral content like iron, salt, and magnesium added to it. It can also be bottled directly at the water’s source (like spring water) to ensure no additional minerals are filtered away. Mineral water often tastes a little saltier than spring water. 

With all these water choices, how do you choose which one to drink? I say just go with whatever you like. I stick with only drinking water that has been filtered through ground coffee beans. Coffee. I drink a lot of coffee.

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