What Is Toblerone?

After a long day on the slopes, all anyone wants to do is shed those cumbersome ski boots, relax by a roaring fire in the lodge, and completely devour a giant chocolate bar. Oh, is that just me? Well, regardless, the perfect chocolate for this exact situation exists: Toblerone. What is Toblerone? Where is Toblerone from? How do you pronounce Toblerone so that those 1980’s preppy ski bullies don’t make fun of you? Read on to find out.

What is Toblerone?

Toblerone is a chocolate bar that is known for its distinct, yellow box in the shape of an elongated pyramid. Inside that box is a series of triangular prism pieces of chocolate, strung together to resemble a mountain range. 

The Toblerone is massive. A standard full-size Hershey bar weighs in at 1.55 ounces. The average Toblerone you’ll find in pretty much every airport in America is a monumental 3.52 ounces. That’s enough chocolate for a round-trip flight across the Atlantic.

What’s in Toblerone?

The traditional Toblerone is made with milk chocolate, honey, almonds, and chunks of the elusive, inscrutable substance known as nougat—the very same ingredient found in Snickers and other American candy bars.

There are a few other Toblerone flavors besides the classic milk chocolate: dark chocolate, white chocolate, and crunchy salted almond. 

Where is Toblerone from?

Toblerone hails from one of the European titans of chocolate-making: Switzerland. The Tobler Chocolate Company opened in 1899 as the brainchild of two men: Emil Baumann and Theodor Tobler. I guess Baumann got the short end of the stick. He didn’t get to have his name on the front of the building, or included in their eponymous chocolate.

Baumann did, however, come up with the recipe that would eventually be used to create the Toblerone. Tobler is responsible for the bar’s iconic shape and packaging, which is what we all remember anyway, so perhaps he does deserve the credit.

The name Toblerone is a combination of Tobler’s name and the Italian word torrone, a type of nougat candy.

What mountain is on the Toblerone bar’s packaging?

Tobler really leaned into the theme for his chocolate bar. Not only is the packaging and the bar itself reminiscent of the Swiss Alps, he even slapped an image of the Matterhorn on the box. 

Interestingly, the Matterhorn is not even the tallest peak in the Alps, but it is certainly the most emblematic of the mountain range. 

How do you eat Toblerone?

If you’re flexible enough, you can slide the whole thing right down your throat like a duck (editor’s note: Please don’t actually try to do this). But the more refined way would be to break off individual pieces and share them with friends.

How do you pronounce Toblerone?


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