Honey Graham M&M’s: Mmm or Meh?

M&M’s released a new flavor, just in time for Easter. But should these M&M’s be in your basket this year? Let’s see what the Sporked team had to say.

Among the sea of M&M flavors out there, M&M’s new Honey Graham flavor gets lost in the crowd. Sure, they taste sweet and chocolaty, but we expect that from all M&M’s. The star of this show is supposed to be the graham cracker flavor. I wanted these to taste like a s’more in an M&M, and sadly that box remains unchecked. The main issue is that the interior just doesn’t have the taste or texture of a graham cracker. The crispy morsel inside is more reminiscent of the puffs in a Nestle Crunch bar or an oversized Rice Krispie than a graham cracker. It just ain’t it.

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Honey Graham M&M’s

Across the board, graham cracker-flavored M&M’s scored low with the team. Sporked social media manager Mark Catangui felt that the graham cracker crunch was present, even though the graham cracker flavor was ultimately lacking. A confusing experience for all. No one wanted to take them home, which is a big red flag in our office. Are they Easter basket worthy? Sadly, no. But are they inedible? No (although I am certain Sporked staff writer Jordan Myrick might disagree—she said they had a “weird chemical taste”). M&M’s has had plenty of amazing flavor releases, like Key Lime Pie, Orange Vanilla Creme, and Chili Nut. And I had high hopes that this flavor would be able to take its place among these greats. However, these M&M’s turned out to be M&Oh No’s. You’ll get ‘em next year, M&M.

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