The Sporked Guide to Easter

Easter’s on its way (I’ll spare you the “hippity-hoppity” business), and that means a few things. If you’re a parent, you are also a gigantic anthropomorphic rabbit who breaks into homes to distribute chocolate eggs and jelly beans. You better make with the Easter candy. If you’re any sort of adult, you may be guilted into hosting Easter brunch or Easter dinner. No sweat! We have guides that’ll help make all of it easy, so you can get back to the heathen stuff you do when it isn’t a holiday.

The Best Easter Candy to Fill You Easter Baskets

best easter candy
Credit: Liv Averett

From chocolate bunnies (you eat them ears first, right?) to everyone’s favorite malted milk eggs, these are the best Easter candies—and Easter candy is the best candy, after all.

The Best Chocolate Bunny to Stuff in Your Easter Basket

best chocolate bunny
Credit: Merc

Once a year, we get to bite the adorable ears off of chocolate rabbits. Make sure those chocolate ears are the best chocolate ears by buying one of the best chocolate Easter bunnies.

The Best Vegan Easter Candy (and One Vegetarian Candy, Too)

best vegan easter candy
Credit: Merc

If you’re packing an Easter basket for a plant-based bunny, there are plenty of vegan and vegetarian Easter candy options look festive and taste good, too.

The Best Candy for Easter Eggs

best candy for easter eggs
Credit: Liv Averett / Target / Walmart

If you’ve got plastic eggs to stuff for the big ol’ Easter egg hunt, these are the candies that will make everyone doubly happy the eggs weren’t filled with loose change.

The Best Seasonings to Top Deviled Eggs

deviled eggs
Credit: Liv Averett / iStock

So, you’ve dyed a few dozen hard boiled eggs for Easter. That’s great, but now you have to eat a few dozen hard boiled eggs. There’s no better way to do polish them off than making deviled eggs. And there are no better seasonings for deviled eggs than these.

Best Foods for Easter Brunch You Can Buy at the Grocery Store

easter brunch foods
Credit: Liv Averett / Amazon / Target / Walmart

Whether you’re making a benedict or biscuits and gravy, we’ve found all the best stuff at the grocery store to make the best Easter brunch. Your mother-in-law will approve.

The Best Easter Brunch Drinks You Can Buy at the Grocery Store

best easter brunch drinks
Credit: Liv Averett / Drizly / Instacart / Target

Easter brunch calls for cocktails—or at least really good juice. Save yourself from bartending duty with a good canned Bloody or volunteer to mix up mimosas with the best orange juice at the grocery store.

Easy Easter Dinner Ideas

easy easter dinner
Credit: Liv Averett. / Amazon / Instacart / Target

Easter dinner doesn’t have to be a pain in the buns (as in bunnies). These grocery picks seem high effort even though they are very, very low effort.

Grocery Store Sides for Easter Dinner

best easter sides
Credit: Liv Averett / Target / Walmart

From a tangy salad kit to a supremely creamy mushroom soup, these side dishes are good enough to steal the spotlight. (Unless you made rack of lamb; it’s probably really, really good.)

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