What You Should Be Buying at 7-Eleven

7-Eleven is technically a convenience store and I love that. Who doesn’t want convenience in a store? And while you probably have your favorite 7-Eleven foods and drinks, I’m here to tell you what to buy at 7-Eleven if you really want to maximize your trip.

It’s not just for Slurpees and bags of chips anymore. This is what to buy at 7-Eleven.

4. Nuts

7-Eleven stocks different flavors of nuts like nobody’s business. You can find single-serving bags of pretty much any flavor of peanut or almond you can imagine. My local 7-Eleven had flavors like ghost pepper, blueberry, and wasabi soy. They have brand name nuts like Plantars and their own in-house brand. If you’re a nut-snacker, you should absolutely be shopping at 7-Eleven.

3. Tall Boys

A tall boy typically refers to a tall can of beer that holds 16 or 24 ounces of liquid. The 7-Eleven drinks cooler takes this to a whole new level. They have so many different types of beer tall boys. At my store, they even carried a local beer brand! They also had cheladas and hard seltzers. Not a drinker? Don’t worry. They even have soda tall boys, like Coke and Dr. Pepper!

2. Instant Ramen

The instant ramen selection at 7-Eleven isn’t large, but it is good. They carry some of our favorites, like the Nissin Hot & Spicy Shrimp instant ramen, and some cool ones I hadn’t seen before, like the Maruchan Wonton Ramen that has actual wontons in it. I will be going to 7-Eleven the next time I’m craving instant noodles.

1. Protein Bars

When it comes to 7-Eleven foods, protein bars are king. Their protein bar selection rivals any grocery store I’ve seen. It makes sense. They specialize in food on the go. The next time you’re looking to bulk up, head straight to 7-Eleven.

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