What to Buy at the Grocery Store if You Love Pickles (Besides Pickles)

Few things hit the spot like a crunchy, zesty pickle. The snap of the skin, the sour tang of the brine—if you’re a salty snack person, pickles are perfect for pretty much any occasion. Game at the ballpark? Pickle. Movie on the couch? Pickle. Mean case of the munchies? Pickle. But if you’re a true pickle fiend, the grocery store is full of pickley products that’ll satisfy your dill desires. From potato chips to mustard, here’s what to buy at the grocery store if you love pickles (besides actual pickles).

Deep River Snacks New York Spicy Dill Pickle Kettle Cooked Potato Chips

Dill pickle potato chips are a pickle-lover’s dream, and these are the best dill pickle potato chips you can buy. We’re not exactly sure what “New York” style pickles are—but we also don’t really care. These chips are crunchy, greasy, and dilly. They’re the perfect dill pickle potato chips and the best ones we tried in two separate taste tests. If you love pickles, you’re gonna love these.

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Trader Joe’s Dill Pickle Mustard

This mustard is a fan-favorite Trader Joe’s product for a reason. It adds a tangy, dilly kick to everything from burgers to turkey sandwiches. If you’re a real pickle freak, stack that sandwich with pickles and then add some of this, too. It’s also really good in deviled eggs.

Hidden Valley Pickle Flavored Ranch

If you love pickles and you’re also the type of person who dips everything you eat in ranch, you gotta give Hidden Valley’s Pickle Flavored Ranch a shot! In their review, senior writer Jordan Myrick pointed out that the beauty of this sauce is that it doesn’t just taste like dill (ranch already does that), it actually tastes briny like pickles. “If you like pickles, you should go buy this ASAP,” Jordan said.

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Trader Joe’s Seasoning in a Pickle Blend

If you want whatever you’re eating to taste more like a pickle, you could obviously douse it in pickle juice. But if you prefer your food…not wet, Trader Joe’s powdered pickle seasoning is a real revelation. Sprinkle this on chicken tenders or popcorn. It doesn’t just contain dill—it gets a pickle kick from powdered vinegar. Modern food science never ceases to amaze.

Mezzetta Non-Pareil Capers

If you like pickles, have you ever considered other things soaked in brine? Of course there’s pickled peppers (that Peter Piper picked), but nothing packs a briny punch quite like capers. Our pick? Mezzetta non-pareil capers. Editor-in-chief Justine Sterling called these “the best capers for cooking or using as a garnish. Keep an extra bottle in your pantry at all times. You don’t want to be caught without a handful of capers when something needs a little extra kick or a toddler demands a salty snack.” Remember kids, not all heroes wear capers—but they have their capers and eat them too. 

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