What to Buy to Make the Ultimate Emily Mariko Salmon Bowl

If you live on planet Earth, you’ve seen the Emily Mariko salmon bowl. If you are an astronaut who just got back to the planet, the Emily Mariko salmon bowl is a quick lunch consisting of leftovers turned global phenomenon created by lifestyle creator Emily Mariko.

Emily Mariko came to TikTok with a way to use up leftover salmon and became famous for it. This mixture of rice, salmon, and Kewpie mayo took the internet by storm and people (me) are still making it on a regular basis. And while I’m not the creator of the TikTok salmon bowl, I want to show you how to make the best version of it. Head to the grocery store, grab these specific ingredients and get ready to make the ultimate viral salmon bowl.

The Rice: Sukoyaka Genmai Brown Rice

This is one of the best brown rice brands we tasted in the Sporked office and it would be the perfect base for the Emily Mariko salmon bowl. It’s fluffy, starchy, and nutty. Yum!

The Mayo: Kewpie Mayonnaise

This is the mayonnaise that Emily Mariko uses in her viral salmon bowl and we have no notes. Kewpie mayo is one of our top five best mayonnaises of all time and pairs perfectly with Japanese-style rice dishes.

The Sriracha: Sriraja Panich Sriracha Chili Sauce

There might be a sriracha shortage, but panic because our favorite isn’t Huy Fong. If we could only eat one sriracha for the rest of our lives, it would be the Sriraja Panich Sriracha Chili Sauce. This is the best sriracha out there and is perfect for pouring all over your viral salmon bowl if you like things spicy.

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The Soy Sauce: Silver Swan Special Soy Sauce

If you’re looking for a delicious soy sauce to drizzle over your salmon bowl, you can’t go wrong with Silver Swan Special Soy Sauce. This Filipino-made soy sauce is rich, salty, and filled with umami. A little goes a long way so one container will last you for all your TikTok salmon bowls to come.

The Kimchi: Lucky Foods Spicy Seoul Kimchi

If you like to have a side of kimchi with your TikTok salmon bowl like Mrs. Mariko herself, I recommend the Lucky Foods Spicy Seoul Kimchi. It’s my favorite widely available kimchi din the United States at most grocery stores. It’s bright, crunchy, and has a nice kick. It’s the perfect side to your Emily Mariko salmon bowl.

The Fish: Sea Cuisine Asian Grill Rubbed Salmon

Obviously you can use the leftover salmon you already have on hand since that’s the point of the whole recipe. But, if you want to make the viral salmon bowl and don’t have leftover fish on hand, buy these pre-seasoned salmon fillets from Sea Cuisine. They’re one of the best frozen fish options out there because they’re moist, flaky, and flavorful.

The Next Level Ingredient: Heinz Mayoracha

This is one of our favorite products at Sporked. And I already know what you’re going to say: “Spicy mayo already exists!!!” Yes, duh. This spicy mayo, however, is phenomenal. Mayoracha is next level and you’ll realize that when you actually taste it.

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