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My farmers’ market has a hummus guy. Does yours have a hummus guy? You should tell them to get one if they don’t because, let me tell you, he’s a highlight anytime I go. That guy has almost too many flavors and every single time my eyes are bigger than my stomach. I’ll buy a reasonable amount of pita bread to accompany my week’s worth of hummus, but I always buy so many tubs that I run out of pita and my fridge ends up looking like a junkyard of half-eaten tubs of hummus. Whether you’re buying homemade stuff from your local hummus guy or just stocking up on the best hummus from the grocery store, these are the answers when the question is what to eat with hummus.

Stacy’s Simply Naked Pita Chips

A predictable but still delicious solution to any hummus surplus, Stacy’s Simply Naked Pita Chips are the best bag of chips to have on hand for any flavor of hummus that you have in the fridge. They have a flavor that’s rich, buttery, and delicious, but they’re also basic enough that you can pair them with pretty much any hummus. Olive and rosemary, roasted garlic, dill, sweet red pepper—Stacy’s Naked chips are the perfect chips to dip in hummus, no matter what you’ve ended up with in the fridge.

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Stacy’s Cinnamon Sugar Pita Chips

Now, there’s one flavor of hummus that you might have trouble finding the right vehicle for: chocolate. Why someone first decided to throw chocolate into the mix I’ll never know, but I’d shake their hand if I could because, against all odds, it works (sometimes). Stacy’s comes to the rescue once again with their Cinnamon Sugar Pita Chips. Whether you’re a skeptic of the idea of a sweet pita chip or a dessert hummus (or both, like Sporked managing editor Gwynedd Stuart) give this combo a try, and you’ll see how well they work together.

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Snyder’s of Hanover Snaps

If you’re looking to pair pretzels with hummus, you’re probably grabbing a pretzel crisp, but let me put you onto the real tech: Synder’s of Hanover Snaps. Snyder’s Snaps—which are grid shaped rather than twisted—have stability that pretzel crisps can’t match, and when the clock is running down and your hummus is about to expire, you need to shovel towering mounds of the stuff into your mouth. There are few flavors of hummus that you can find that won’t benefit by being transported by the properly salted and crunchy Snyder’s Snaps.

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Fritos Scoops Spicy Jalapeno

If you like some heat, maybe you bought jalapeño hummus. Then again, maybe you got stuck with a gargantuan container of a heat-free hummus, so you need a chip that helps spice things up. Sporked editor-in-chief Justine Sterling likened Fritos Scoops Spicy Jalapeño to corn chip boats, and what a perfect metaphor for how you’ll look when you’re digging these into a half-eaten tub of hummus. Your gullet is the river that these delicious jalapeño filled boats will flow down as you happily gobble them up.

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Simple Truth Popped Root Veggie Crisps Sea Salt

Is hummus healthy? Honestly, I don’t know and I’m afraid to look it up in case the answer is no. I’ll continue to live in ignorant bliss by enhancing the “pretend it’s healthy even if it isn’t” experience by pairing my leftover hummus with Simple Truth Popped Root Veggie Crisps. These are bursting with flavor (cumin in particular), which makes these an exceptional pairing with any vegetable forward hummus I have to use up.

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