What to Eat with Leftover Mashed Potatoes

Ah yes, the philosophical question that comes up every Thanksgiving: How much mashed potato is too much mashed potato? Because if you only make a little and have no leftovers, then everyone is sad that the fun fall vibes ended so soon. But if you make too much, you end up with a potato overload (not to be confused with an overloaded potato, which we love), and you have more potatoes than you could possibly consume before you just can’t eat any more them (if that is even possible). So to solve this problem and keep you from getting sick of the canonical counterpart to bangers, here we have six ways to spice up your post-Thanksgiving mashed potato game. And if you ran out of homemade mashed potatoes too soon, check out our rankings of the best premade mashed potatoes, the best instant mashed potatoes, and the best frozen mashed potatoes.

Knorr Roasted Turkey Gravy Mix

Thanksgiving is over. Who you tryna impress? No one, that’s who. But you may just impress yourself by accident with this low-effort, high-flavor gravy option that’s perfect for leftovers once you’ve run out of that good, actually-fresh-from-the-bird’s-butt Thanksgiving gravy you needed for your bone-dry bird. This Knorr instant gravy is so good that Gwynedd Stuart admitted she’d drink it: “It actually tastes like roasted turkey. The meat flavor is deep and rich.” Go do your family a solid and pick up a packet so you are ready to moisten any and all post-T-Givvy leftovers.

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La Brea Bakery Country White Sourdough

We’ve made that glorious that post-Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich complete with turkey, cranberry sauce, gravy, green beans, and, yes, mashed potatoes. It’s one of the rare instances in adult life where we get to load up on carbs and nobody bats an eye. And if you are looking to make the best Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich yet, then you have to use the best store-bought sourdough bread around. We recommend La Brea Bakery’s Country White Sourdough. According to Sporked editor-in-chief Justine Sterling, it has a “perfect stretchy, bubbly crust with a lovely tang and really nice slickness” and insides that are “doughy and squishy and still tangy.” You’re welcome.

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Kraft Finely Shredded Sharp Cheddar and Pederson’s Natural Farms No Sugar Added Hickory Smoked Uncured Bacon

That’s right, baybee, LOAD UP them mashed potates. I said it at the beginning of this article and I’ll say it again: We love an overloaded potato, which is why you definitely need to pile your leftover mashed potatoes high with our favorite creamy, salty, tangy shredded cheddar from Kraft, and our top smoky, delectable bacon from Pederson’s. Heck, throw some sour cream, butter, and scallions on there and you are in BUSINESS.

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Impossible Burger Patties

Whether you are an Impossible gal, Kim Possible, or just a vegetarian who misses dishes like meatloaf and chopped steak, you have to try this bangin’ plant-based protein with your leftover mashed potatoes this year. Why Impossible over Beyond? Because the Sporked team noted that the texture and moistness of Impossible’s burgers was just better, and personally, I think it tastes better, too. You can toss one of these patties in a pan with onions and serve it like a chopped steak or mix Impossible meat with some Lipton Onion Soup Mix, egg, and breadcrumbs (just normal meatloaf things), and enjoy the meatiest, loafiest vegetarian meatloaf you have ever experienced with your Turkey Day leftovers.

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(KFC night!)

Has anyone ever told you that you can take your leftover Thanksgiving mashed potatoes and create a KFC bowl for yourself on the cheap? Just pile your plate high with leftover mash, gravy, and canned corn, then pile on some of these Good & Gather tendies. These chicken tenders from Target are exactly like leftover turkey if leftover turkey was moist, tasted good, and was breaded, fried, and crispy. According to the team, they taste “fresh and clean” like real chicken, and are “very, very juicy for something that comes frozen.” You are basically the Colonel now.

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Bangers (aka Hillshire Farms Cajun Style Andouille Smoked Sausage)

Let me tell you. This list is full of bangers, but only this item truly fits the bill. Bangers and mash are a popular pairing for a reason. The combo is just so good, and the better the sausages the better the bangers and mash. This andouille sausage from Hillshire Farms might not be the traditional choice, but it’s a good choice all the same. This sausage is “fatty without being too fatty and it’s spicy without being too spicy,” which makes it unlike a lot of classic Thanksgiving foods (*cough* turkey *cough*). Anyhow, eat this with your leftover mashed potatoes to literally spice up your Thanksgiving leftovers extravaganza.

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