White Castle’s Chicken ‘Rings’ Are Coming to the Freezer Aisle

When I first saw that White Castle was selling chicken rings, I thought, “They must’ve meant wings because it would be truly upsetting if they didn’t.” Well, I was wrong. Turns out, the popular fast food chain actually does sell rings of chicken in their restaurants. And starting this summer, you can also get them in the freezer aisle at your local grocery store. Because White Castle has teamed up with Bellisio Foods (a large frozen food company) to ring in the summer in meaty, circular style.

So what exactly is a chicken ring (besides a great tool to use when proposing to your fried-chicken-loving beau)? Apparently, it’s just what it sounds like: “white meat chicken formed into a ring shape, lightly breaded, and then, deep-fried.” Think, an onion ring, minus the onion, plus chicken. And it looks like the freezer aisle version will come in two flavors, “original” and “spicy.” I’ve never been to a White Castle, but I looked at their menu online and there’s not a spicy chicken ring in sight (only one ring to rule them all, mY pReCioUS). So you’ll have to head to the grocery store for these multiple ring options (if your aforementioned chicken-loving beau is a spice-lover, for example).

This honestly seems like a fun product. I know I said just a few paragraphs ago that chicken rings would be upsetting. But hey, people change! And maybe I just realized these chicken rings would be fun to wear on my fingers (like black olives or Bugles) before I eat them off like I’m six years old. When I say I’m excited to have a ring on my finger, that’s what I’m talking about!

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