Erewhon vs Whole Foods: Which Store Makes Better Hot Foods?

On today’s episode of Good Mythical Morning, Rhett & Link were tasked with determining whether the hot bar foods from Erewhon taste better than those found at Whole Foods. 

In previous feuds, Whole Foods has not been the most spectacular contender. Can the Amazon-owned grocery chain prepare a warm dish better than notoriously pricey, L.A.-exclusive Erewhon? Let’s take a look at Rhett & Link’s scores for this edition of Food Feuds and see which store gets named “The Prince of Prepared Foods.”

Round 1: Burritos

Whole Foods Chili Lime Chicken Burrito for $9 vs. Erewhon Organic Chicken Burrito $15.95

(Rhett: 7 Link: 8) (Rhett: 7 Link: 7) 

Whole Foods takes round one by a single point. When Rhett ate the Whole Foods burrito he loudly exclaimed, “That’s a good burrito!”  The Erewhon burrito was also enjoyed, but Link was puzzled by the “green stuff,” which lowered his score.

Round 2: Mac and Cheese

Mac & Cheese $11.99/lb vs. Erewhon’s $19/lb

(Rhett: 8 Link: 9) (Rhett: 7 Link: 7) 

Whole Foods takes the round by two points this time. Rhett pointed out, “It tastes like real cheese, it doesn’t taste like a cheese product.” Erewhon’s dish didn’t fare as well. The boys remarked that it was good, just “confusing.” Link was puzzled, saying,, “There’s so much cheese, it’s like eating paste. It’s like eating spackle, like cheese spackle. Where are the noodles? The noodles have become cheese!” The noodles have certainly become cheese.

Round 3: Pizza

Whole Foods 18-inch barbecue pizza for $19 (Rhett: 8, Link: 8) vs Erewhon 18-inch barbecue pizza for $36 (Rhett: 6, Link: 7) 

Whole Foods takes round three as well, with Link remarking, “They are bringing it” as he munched on the BBQ chicken pizza.” A fatal flaw with the Erewhon pizza seems to be its toppings. Rhett said, “If you put that much topping on a pizza it doesn’t cook correctly.” Whole Foods might take the whole shebang.

Round 4: Chipotle Chicken Sandwich

Whole Foods for $10 (Rhett: 5, Link: 3) vs Erewhon for $15 (Rhett: 5, Link: 7) 

This was the most divisive round because neither sandwich was stellar. Erewhon takes it because even though Rhett thought the sandwich was “a little mushier than it needs to be,” Link found it to be “super, super good” from his very first bite.

Round 5: Chocolate Chip Cookies & Cheesecake

Whole Foods for $1.50 & $4.99 (Rhett: 6, Link: 7) vs Erewhon for $4.50 & $8.50 (Rhett: 8, Link: 7) 

Both places had quality desserts, but Rhett’s enjoyment of the Erewhon cookies bumped it up this round. Link found that Erewhon’s cookie had “a leathery look to it,” but he did enjoy their cheesecake.

The Winner: Whole Foods

Whole Foods total: 69 vs Erewhon total: 68

After five rounds, Whole Foods wins by a single point. “The closest ever in the history of food feuds!” according to Rhett.

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