Grocery Store Money Saving Hacks: Whole Foods

Whole Foods can be expensive. I think the thing most people think when they think of Whole Foods is the ease at which you can spend $100 on, like, four items. That’s why people call it “Whole Paycheck.” That being said, Whole Foods doesn’t have to be expensive.

There are tons of ways to save money while shopping at Whole Foods. The tips below can take this store from budget-breaking to budget-making. The next time you’re shopping at Whole Foods, employ these methods to get great quality groceries at a price you can actually afford.

Buy 365 Brand

Whole Foods’ in-house brand, 365, is insanely affordable. The quality is great and you can find 365 “dupes” of almost every product out there. Their roasted garlic hummus is the best hummus you can buy at the grocery store. We’re also fans of their applesauce, green tea, and fish sticks, among other products. If you go to Whole Foods, stick to buying 365 exclusively and you will be shocked by how much money you save.

Focus on Produce

I mostly go to Whole Foods to buy produce. Their produce is fresh and lasts forever in my fridge, especially compared to somewhere like Trader Joe’s. That, alone, is already saving you money because when you throw away wilted/rotten produce, you’re basically throwing away cold hard cash. On top of that, Whole Foods produce is affordable. It’s especially affordable if you stick to seasonal produce.

Get an Amazon Prime Membership

Amazon Prime members can get an extra 10% off storewide sales by scanning their account barcode during checkout. On top of that, if you have an Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card, you can get 5% cash back when shopping at Whole Foods. If you’re already an Amazon Prime user or credit card holder, make sure you aren’t missing out on these benefits. (Even if the scanner is impossible to use sometimes.)

Use the App and Website

Whole Foods has a great app and website (no, this is not an ad) that features all their sales. It can also help you organize your grocery list and shop based on the promotions they have running currently. Using it will help you buy only what you actually need to buy and keep you from buying a bunch of random stuff that catches your eye in the store.

Utilize the Bulk Bins

Sometimes, a recipe will call for two tablespoons of pine nuts or a half cup of quinoa, but you don’t have those ingredients because you don’t use those ingredients on a weekly basis. Why pay full price for an entire bag of something you don’t need or even really want? By taking advantage of the bulk bins, you can get the exact amount you need. This eliminates waste and saves you money.

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  • I really enjoyed this article. I have been trying to buy more items from whole foods however the price kills me! I was glad to learn more about the bulk items (which I have not considered before) and the app!! Thanks for the help!