All the World Market Canned Fish You Should Be Buying

The Sporked crew is out here pushing the canned fish agenda, and I’m here to do my part with the help of World Market. The best canned fish knows no borders, so of course World Market is an excellent spot to stock up on the best tinned fish options out there. I was able to find a few of Sporked’s taste-teste approved fish brands, as well as some creative options that caught my eye (get it? caught? like a fish?). So let’s cast a line and see what we reel in at World Market, shall we?

Nuri Sardines in Pure Olive Oil

These are Sporked’s favorite canned sardines, so of course I had to include them on this World Market canned fish list. Taste tester Danny Palumbo promises that every bite of these sardines offers a fatty, oleaginous, meaty, protein-rich morsel. The sardines themselves are nestled snugly in a tin of delicious, pungent olive oil, which magically infuses the small fish with loads of flavor. And you don’t have to travel to Portugal to grab a can of these little beauties; you just have to hit up your local World Market. What a time to be alive!

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Rugen Fisch Herring Fillets in Mustard Sauce

I’ll admit, these herring fillets made this list of World Market canned fish because the illustration on the packaging is just so damn cute. A smiling silver fish wearing a barrel as a little costume? I’m in! But, okay, if herring in mustard sauce isn’t your jam, we also spotted Rugen’s smoked herring in canola oil (which features a drawing of a fish in a chef’s toque). This canned fish would make a very adorable gift for the tinned fish lover in your life.

Matiz Wild Cod in Spanish Olive Oil

Matiz has its own section at my local World Market, so their canned fish had to make our list. I spotted a lot of options: cod, octopus, mackerel, and three different kinds of sardines, so I’m admittedly playing it a little safe by choosing the cod (but don’t let me stop you if the octopus is calling your name). Keep this World Market canned fish in your pantry to put on a bed of crusty bread with a splash of fresh lemon for a protein-packed and very European afternoon snack.

Talatta Anchovy Fillets

Anyone who wants to add nutty, salty flavor to their cooking should absolutely have a jar of anchovies in the fridge. That’s why I was a little bit surprised how few options there were at my local World Market! These Talatta anchovy fillets aren’t Sporked ranked, but they look a lot like the Ortiz anchovies the Sporked crew raved about, so they’re worth a shot. Grab these to put on frozen pizza or to make a caesar salad kit more like a meal you’d get at a fancy restaurant.

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Ortiz White Tuna in Olive Oil

Sporked is on the cutting edge of canned fish, so I wasn’t exactly surprised to see another of the team’s favorite tinned fish on shelves at World Market. Danny found this canned tuna to be tender, meaty, and incredibly flavorful. The tin is full of big chunks of tuna steak that you can eat plain or pile on top of saltine crackers for the best girl dinner money can buy.

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Fishwife Smoked Rainbow Trout

If we’re looking at this list from a tinned fish influencer’s perspective, I’ve saved the best for last. Fishwife is iconic. Fishwife is the face of the canned fish movement. Rightfully so, because this smoked trout I spotted at World Market also happens to be Sporked approved. Sporked editor-in-chief Justine Sterling called Fishwife’s smoked rainbow trout was a great canned fish for beginners. It’s not very fishy, so you can enjoy it even if you’re a novice canned fish influencer. You can eat this right from the tin and take a beautiful pic with the packaging for maximum likes on social media without being turned off by a harsh fishy taste.

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