You Can Soon Pour Dunkin’ Donut Flavored Syrup on Your Flapjacks

Sometimes, making a decision about what to eat for breakfast is just too much for the average human brain to take before 11 a.m. But don’t you worry—you no longer have to decide whether you are craving the flavor of doughnuts or pancakes, because Mrs. Butterworth’s is set to release a Dunkin’ Glazed Donut flavored pancake syrup sometime soon.

Was someone actually asking for this? Who was that genius? Can I have their autograph and/or be their best friend?

I’ll be honest, I don’t know the answers to any of those questions, but I sincerely hope the answer to the third one is yes. As for what this stuff might taste like, it is a bit unclear. It could be that it will taste like maple flavor mixed with a glazed donut flavor (sort of a maple-glazed donut vibe), but it could also be that this syrup will just straight-up taste like glazed Dunkin’ doughnuts with no hint of maple in sight. People are already starting to come up with potential uses for it in the comments of Instagram posts by @candyhunting and @mnmtwinz, throwing ideas around like classic pancakes and waffles, in addition to more out-there suggestions like pairing it with a Dunkin’ glazed donut flavored pancake mix, drizzling it over chicken and waffles (YUM), and so much more. Plus, as with any post about a fake maple syrup, there were at least two or three angry Vermonters in each comment section dunkin’ on this Dunkin’ syrup (always a joy to read). And while I agree with the Vermonters that this will never be real maple syrup, I think this stuff could be great! I could see this being amazing with hot chicken, on vanilla ice cream, or, and this may be too meta, mixed into a glaze and used to glaze some donuts so that they would be glazed donut glazed glazed donuts. Now I don’t know if that even sounds good to me anymore, but I would 100% try it just for the sheer linguistic tomfoolery of it all.

This isn’t their first flavored syrup rodeo over at Mrs. Butterworth’s. They released a Fruity Pebbles syrup back in December of 2021 and a Cinnabon syrup earlier this year (along with a pancake pix to go with each), and neither of those tasted like maple. But, neither Fruity Pebbles nor Cinnabon would pair well with maple flavor like a doughnut would, so we will see where Dunkin’ and Butterworth’s took it with this one. And who knows? Maybe there will be a Dunkin’ Glazed Donut Pancake mix to go along with it!

That all being said, we don’t know exactly when this Dunkin’ Glazed Donut flavored pancake syrup will hit stores, but seeing as grocery stores are already uploading images of it to their websites, we are expecting to see this sticky situation hit stores very soon. Hopefully the wait will be (butter)worth it!

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